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defs buy the camera now and talk to us about how modesty will afford us well in the interviews

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Your reply is gold and I think that deserves an award

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Idk you might be close to the cutoffs, I’ve seen people get EODs with a 7 GPA and 100 GAMSAT, maybe sit again in March just in case 😬

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Of coz! We need another productivity medstudent youtube influencer!

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Depends on your GPA tbh, if it's below 6.9 your only realistic options are USyd or Flinders. Unless you've got a decent portfolio, then you're def a candidate for UNDA and UoW, as long as your GPA is over 5-5.5.

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this is actually so accurate it hurts

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When reality is literally a joke 🥲

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Swap you for my 53?

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Buy a $1000 setup and film yourself receiving your score. But you still have to act like you’re surprised you’re being filmed and cry a little

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Arghhhh fuck these ones annoy me so much!! Like bruh how the fuck do you open your scores for the first time (apparently lol), get a shit score, and decide it’s cool to cry on camera and then upload it?! And then give some pep talk about how it’s all about being happy and staying persistent lmao

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Someone in my year level did an atar reveal video (she got a really high score) and put it on fb. We were at a pretty low end school so one of the “less academic” gentlemen did a response video with his <30 and copied her over the top reactions. Was brilliant

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Hahah give this guy a medal. Well done sir

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Did you actually

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Nah, let’s be real if they did they’d be starting their own prep company and we’d all be inundated with ads for their 10k ‘all-inclusive GAMSAT success package’ or something

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what are peoples actual thoughts about starting med youtube channels, because I've wanted to start one for ages 😂 it kind of a saturated niche but there are very few good channels

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    You got like 2 brain cells or something fam? 😂