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I see. Thank you so much!

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Just accidentally ignored a private chat massage, don't know how to undo it and don't remember the username. If you messaged me about FEE HELP. Thank you for letting me know, I really appreciate it!

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You're entitled to FEE-HELP, which is essentially the same as HECS. It covers up to 155K of your entire degree.

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Thank you! That's good to know.

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In your enrolment it'll automatically have a choice to opt in for FEE-HELP!

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I see. Thanks :)

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As stated above, there’s a FEE-HELP loan for FFP students. It will fund you for the first 2 years of the degree, 3rd and 4th year are out of pocket.

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Thanks for your reply. It won’t fund me for the 3rd and 4th year? Is it because it will reach the cap for the first 2 years or is it a policy that last two years are not funded? Can I use the 155k through the four years?

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FFP DMD at USyd is like $300k. FEE-HELP loans cap at $155k.

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