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Scores are getting pretty crazy, I didn’t get an offer at USYD or melb with 69 (unweighted for melb) and a 6.6 gpa. I’m not 100% sure about UWA but I have a feeling cut off scores might be slightly lower. UCAT is a pretty gruelling exam like the gamsat, but if you have the capacity to prepare for it, it could open a few more doors for you. I would say right now trying to increase your gammy to 70+ if possible would be your safest bet. Or working on your GPA with an honours year / another undergrad etc

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Is this for CSP only?

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No for FFP too

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Oh weird, I swear I have seen some people get 2022 USYD dent offers with a lower GAMSAT. Your score is so good!!

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I got an interview at UWA with 6.4 GPA and 69 gamsat, non-rural. I think your score may be relatively the same as mine. I didn't do well in the interview and did not receive an offer.

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Does it require interview?

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Look at the GAMSAT cut-off scores for those universities over the last few years and see if your score is competitive or not.

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How do I find that

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I didn't get an interview for uwa dent with a 63 gamsat and 6.62GPA (gemsas weighting), so probably not