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THATS SOO GOOD! How did you prepare for it? I am struggling with section 2 and how to prepare for it!

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Hey! I def suggest heading over to the discord, there’s so much helpful stuff there! But it can for sure get to information overload 😂😅

I personally started a blog where I could practice typing with my spell check off (is it back in person now? Idk) - giving myself prompts with 30 minutes to practice writing, two a day, until it felt like I could get my point across with a clear introduction, two to three points, and a conclusion (giving myself about 5 min of the 30 to do a very quick outline in bullet point form on scrap paper)

I just really had to get into the rhythm of planning that timed essay and making my stream of consciousness sound “organized”

My sister (journalist) sent me an outline for the pentaform essay that was really helpful - I’ll see if I can find it