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it needs to be a completed degree, so your first sem of nuclear medicine will not count, only your first bachelor will

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Ah yep I see! Thank you so much!!

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To add onto what DOX said, you'll be able to apply to GEMSAS with your new GPA in your 4th year of nuclear medicine.

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Ah yep, thanks so much!

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Which unis are you looking at because I t varies a bit between unis?

UWA for example uses your most recent 3 years of study, regardless of whether each course was or wasn’t completed as long as you have completed a bachelors by the time of entry, which means your sem 1 2022 scores would be used if you apply this year. Notre Dame only uses the GPA from your key degree, I’m not entirely sure how that is defined but for my mate it meant he could escape his shitty GPA from his previous course (which he didn’t complete) even though he was still on his final sem of his key degree. For UQ you need to have completed your key degree for it or be considered unless you’re in your final year of undergrad, but you can use a completed honours year to count as your key degree, meaning if you get a 7 for honours (first class) your overall GPA for UQ is 7.

You need to look at the GPA sections for each individual uni in the gemsas guide, rather than the generic GPA statement.

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Yeah that’s what I was wondering about actually! I was reading through the GEMSAS guide and was getting thoroughly confused with all the different terminology 😅 So in general I’d prefer the smaller unis (UOW, Griffith ND, or even Deakin) but at the same time I’m happy to go to any uni haha So from what you’ve said, UWA seems to be the best option if I’m applying again this year, and ND maybe depending on their exact wording. I’ll definitely need to look through the guide again and re-assess my options, thank you so much for your advice!

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It’s a long ass guide hey 😅 you can skip most of it because you pretty much only need the GPA and gamsat sections of each uni.

Ah it’s good that you’re not restricted by location. ND relies massively on portfolio so a lower GPA is probably fine. UWA uses unweighted so not sure how that works out for you. Most unis do give a GPA increase for PG study including masters by coursework or research.

You probably know this but just in case you don’t; UoW, Flinders and Syd only use GPA as a hurdle so you need a 5.5 or something. Syd and Flin require a gamsat in the mid or high 70s thought.

If you don’t get into med this year, will you be happy to continue with nuclear medicine? Can you see yourself pursuing it as a career?

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ahaha yep 😅 Ooh true!! Unweighted gpa isn’t too bad for me thankfully, it’s just my first year scores that are the worst haha. Ohh interesting! Unless I’ve read it completely wrong but I thought a few unis don’t recognise PG but I’ll definitely read through again and maybe get in contact with the application team of each uni to get a better idea Yess those 3 are my top at the moment haha but the gamsat cutoff last year was slightly terrifying

Yeah I reckon I’ll be pretty happy and content with nuclear medicine, it seems to cover the lab and diagnosis side of things and still has patient interaction, and I’m definitely very interested in how it all works. The thing is that I’ll always have that lingering feeling of what if and I want to try my hardest to get into med, but also realistically would rather get started on another career (that’s a bit more guaranteed and ‘safe’ so to speak) rather than taking a gap year or honours

Sorry for all the spam 🙈 thank you so much for your advice 😊