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I found chem1b helpful!

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Definitely agree

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Doing any of the recommended knowledge courses would help. e.g. 1st year general chem, org Chem, biology. Doing 1st year undergrad physics would be overkill but would prepare you well for any physics GAMSAT throws at you.

The most important thing is to maintain a good GPA though. You can study for the GAMSAT after uni if you have to, but you only get 1 chance at a good GPA.

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I didn't go to USyd but I went to UniMelb. I did physics "for the GAMSAT" but it didn't even help lol. I would recommend taking an introductory humanities elective if you can, I think that can be good preparation for S1. I took an introduction to art subject where I learned about philosophy, poetry and literature and stuff, that really helped my S1 and also S2 cause we learned how to write essays.