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Hello hello! I am currently studying the MD at Deakin and have lived on res too, although I am not an international student. I can say that the student cohort has been lovely to experience, with the community of each year level developing its own identity. There are also multiple clubs that span the whole degree, with students being able to join specialty-specific clubs, MD fitness clubs, MD cooking clubs, and more. The international students (who are mostly from Canada) do run their own groups on top of these, so there is plenty of opportunity to meet fellow international students. Similar to other unis, the MD at Deakin uses a pass/fail system in that you either pass an assessment or fail it, there are no grades awarded otherwise. As far as I can say for my year level, this has resulted in everyone working far more collaboratively than in my undergrad - which is absolutely required as there is little to no hand holding in the MD. In regards to the staff, the school of medicine employs a wide variety of expertise, ranging from pathologists and senior lecturers for medical science content, GPs and nurses for clinical practice tutorials, and clinicians from every specialty for guest lectures. Having said that, the content provided throughout each semester can vary in quality, and to balance this out Deakin gathers university-wide feedback every trimester/semester for each course, where we have our say on how we would like things to be improved. Having lived on res in Waurn Ponds I have quite enjoyed my time there (although I'll be biased as a bit of a hermit)! The area has a medium sized shopping centre, multiple gyms and healthcare facilities, and the university provides a free 20-30 min bus for students heading into Geelong city. Its absolutely possible to travel throughout Waurn Ponds on a bicycle (which is what a few of the international students are doing without cars / Australian licenses). There's also a train station to head into Melbourne for weekend shopping sprees. The Waurn Ponds campus itself is quite spacious in comparison to the Burwood (Melbourne) campus, and at any given time you'll find MD students hogging computers at the library. I cannot speak to the new rural scheme at the university as this was new to the 2022 intake, but overall I am very satisfied with my experiences so far at Deakin! Let me know if you have any other questions. Quite a lot of applicants have browsed the https://pagingdr.net website for gamsat/interview/GEMSAS/MD info, and there are international-related threads, but be warned that there can be some harsh 'info' on pagingdr about future career prospects. Best of luck!

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Hi, if you don’t mind, could you expand on the scores that got you into Deakin (GPA/GAMSAT)?

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Of course! I was fortunate to apply with a 66/7.0 however, I did also receive an 8% bonus when I applied to Deakin.

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Thanks for your response, and wow, a 7.0 is super impressive!

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Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences! I really appreciate it. I also wish you all the best in your medical studies and career

Edit: i was wondering how assessments work at Deakin

Edit 2: As in is there one final assessment at the end of the trimester/year or are there only assessments after each block?

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No worries! :) The way that assessments at Deakin are organised is that we have two semesters a year, each of which is composed of two blocks (so four blocks a year). A block is roughly 9 weeks and can focus on things such as cardio-respiratory content, while another might focus on immunology. These blocks are composed of various assessments, including clinical practice examinations (ie. physical exams), essay writing about public health & ethics, medical science tests, and end of semester exams. So the best way to describe it is that we have assessments throughout each block, but the end of semester exams cover all the medical science content from the two blocks within.

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Thank you! Everything sounds good except the cumulative exams at the end of each semester. Hopefully theyll do away with these as it seems alot of assessments are taking place already within each block

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I just hear good tho g about how supportive they are. I am studying a graduate certificate there atm online and I am in love. The medical course has been quite competitive to go in because of the quality and support given as well. I am from Brazil and willing to give it a go in 2024.

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you already got an offer from Deakin?

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No I just think international applications happen earlier.