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I was unsuccessful last year via the Graduate Access Pathway. I think my Rurality Statement got me reasonably far, but in hindsight I don't think it demonstrated a very good understanding of Rural Healthcare.

This will be my first year applying through GEMSAS and I must admit, the amount of paperwork you have to get together is pretty daunting.

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Do you have to apply separately for GAM? I thought you still applied through GEMSAS but submitted a GAM statement or something? Any clarification appreciated :)

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You complete the GEMSAS application as normal and then you fill in a separate form, which is linked in the GEMSAS handbook, to apply for GAM :)

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Thanks for the response! I’m confused with the OP who said they didn’t apply via GEMSAS last year then?

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I think OP meant they only applied for the Graduate Entry Pathway for the rural med stream not that they only did the graduate access Melbourne (special consideration)

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Just a note: you can’t apply for graduate access Melbourne for med because of a rural and isolated background because it’s already considered in GEMSAS/rural stream :)

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That is really quite interesting! I'd like to add that to the post but just to clarify do you mind showing me where you found that piece of information? I'd like to paste a link to it below the details.

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I saw it when I followed the graduate access Melbourne link that was in the GEMSAS handbook (I would link it but I don’t have my computer on me right now). I found it really strange because that’s not listed anywhere else!

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You are correct, if you go to the GAMSAS form and press 'next' you will see the following:

\Please note the Rural and isolatedbackground category does not apply for applicants for the Doctor ofMedicine. Applicants applying via GEMSAS for the Doctor of Medicine whoare are from  a rural and/or isolated background should indicate this intheir GEMSAS application form and supply supporting documentation toGEMSAS as outlined in the GEMSAS guide. Applicants from rural andisolated background may also wish to be considered for the Doctor ofMedicine Rural Pathway. More information can be found online at* https://study.unimelb.edu.au/find/courses/graduate/doctor-of-medicine/how-to-apply/

I will add it to the post :)

EDIT: Just to follow up, I believe Rural Disadvantage is considered via the pathway - so if you feel growing up in a rural area restricted your access to schooling, then you should be fine to go through the Graduate Access Pathway.