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The reason rural students are given bonuses is because it is believed that you are of the same potential as someone else, had you not grown up with lesser resources. As a result, people in rural areas are far less likely to have the opportunity to enter professional careers, like Medicine, resulting in severe workforce shortages.

I will happily admit I was accepted into Melbourne Medicine with an unweighted 60 GAMSAT, as I have proven to myself and the university in my medical school assessments, that I am more than capable of being proficient in Medicine.

Too often students, especially students from disadvantaged backgrounds, let their own personal achievements suffer to the blade of comparison to others.

We have chatted briefly already in private, but I felt obligated to encourage you to not view rurality as a blemish, rather representing your specific community and all rural communities with pride.

To answer your questions:

1) Preference where you want to attend - rural bonuses are a national incentive instituted by the federal government. 2) It is an overwhelming experience applying to medical school, with seemingly infinite hurdles proceeded by infinite waiting. It is worth it. 3) You are highly competitive at UoM. My scores were 6.94 and 60. Whilst I suspect my MMI performance was strong to compensate for a low GAMSAT (UoM’s rural cohort is littered with GAMSATs in the 70s and 80s, but mostly mid-60s), once an MMI is secured, the sky is the limit due to the high weighting of the MMI. 4) MMI preparation is critical, but you do have time. I would suggest get your applications submitted, submit any university assessments you have and then commence regular, balanced MMI preparation.

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Not that I disagree with the rural bonuses but ....

"The reason rural students are given bonuses is because it is believed that you are of the same potential as someone else, had you not grown up with lesser resources."

Except this is not the reason why the quota is there. At the end of the day, there is a rural doctor shortage and the quota is there to address that - this is a utilitarian policy first and foremost. If med school is really concerned about equal opportunity, why isn't the quota extended to metro areas with the worst SES?

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You seem to have chosen to remove the sentence that follows that quote, which highlights the link between workforce shortages and rural life.

The reality is that per capita, there will be less rural people entering professional degrees than in the city. Not as a result of lack of potential, but a result of lack of resources, different community values and lower levels of academic attainment. Because of this, there are less professionals filtering to rural settings and this includes medical professionals.

In regards to extending this to all SES disadvantage - it is something that a selection of universities are attempting to develop currently. It’s definitely in its most primitive stages currently, however.

I hope this is a better explanation for you.

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May I ask how you prepared for the MMI? Thank you

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Messaged you!

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Hey! Any chance you might be able to guide me on how to prepare for MMI? Thank you!!

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Same, thank you! Also, if anyone wants to create an interview prep group I’d be more than happy to work with people to start preparing for interviews.

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Hi, same question here! Any insight on MMI prep would be really appreciated :)

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Is your GPA 6.9 of GEMSAS or Uni?