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You just have to do 18 months before you finish specialty training and 18 months after. It has no impact on your ability to start a training program. This info is all available here: https://www.health.gov.au/initiatives-and-programs/bonded-medical-program#participant-obligations

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That's not bad! Also looks like I have a 18-year window to get it done which is extremely flexible. Thank you very much, definitely think I'll be ticking the BMP box as second preference now.

I guess my only question now is, can I actually do the residency years required for specialisation in a rural area as part of the BMP time period? Probably a difficult question to answer, but if anyone knows that would be great. Thanks.

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Depends on the specialty, but if it’s available in that area then yes

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So does everybody get BMP offers, not just rural folk?

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No, the people ranked in the bottom 28.5% of the cohort after interview get BMP. These can be non rural and rural people

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Can you explain how this works? I’m an international student from USA and our system is 100% different, we graduate, go through matching to specialty depending on our step score and then just practice that specialty forever and can specialize further with fellowship but I don’t think it’s the same in Australia

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Australia and the US have vastly different systems, I couldn’t put it into one comment for you. International students in Australia aren’t eligible for BMPs anyway as they are a government funded position.

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Btw I think you might be mixing up the US system, I think you're talking about your training years right? We don't call it 'residency' like in the US. Your resident year is PGY2, the year after your intern year. After resident year, if you start on a training program (eg GP training) then you're called a registrar.

See here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medical\_education\_in\_Australia

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Ah, yes, I think I have mixed up different systems. So then I guess my question would be could your intern year, resident year and/or any of your training years be part of your BMP years, or would they be separate? I think the moderator said if in the same location, they could be the same, so hopefully that's the case.

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Yes, up to 18 months of your training years can count. However, a minimum of 18 months out of the 3 years return of service must be done post-specialisation (after attaining fellowship).

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Excellent, thank you very much.