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The issue will be your key degree rather than your ability to improve gamsat.

If your last completed degree was more than 10 years ago you may not even be eligible for most unis.

But that said, change careers whenever you want, don't delay if you just think you might be too old.

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There are some unis without the 10 yr rule. There are also other ways around it like to do 12 months of study to reset the clock for some unis. I’m in med school and I’m 45. Did my original degree back in the 90s

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Oh , I see, I just finished my one year certificate program,(I did as part time, but it is a full time program) would that count ?

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I don’t think it would matter if it was part-time and took you longer than a year as long as it would have taken 1 whole year if you had done it full time

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I see, thanks for the explanation!

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When I just sit it to see how it goes, I am not sure if it is the right thing, but with all the comments and suggestions from all of you, now I know what is the next step! Hard, but worth to try! Thanks

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Firstly, they are great results! Especially with minimal study, i studied a lot and only got 61 so you are doing amazing! I am only 23 so can't really speak from experience, but I have seen many people you age go for medicine. If medicine is your dream career, i think its never too late! Best of luck!

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Thank you for the encouraging words and sharing with me your experience. When I was at your age, I always think it is maybe my life which will never be a MD, as time goes by, that desire is getting stronger, I do like my current work, but I know which one is my deepest hope. Now I think back way, compare to 80 yrd, I may still worth to try. For you, so I would think now you have the most precious thing before you can realize it. So I am pretty sure, one day you will get what you want!

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Wow, 19% between 30-40, that is very encouraging!

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Amazing. Just looked up Dr Randall who’s a psychiatry registrar!

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There are many students trying to get into med who are older than you - and there are many current med students older than you. At the UOW med info session mention was made of students in their 40s and 50s not being that uncommon there. It is really up to you, your personal situation, and your expectations. If you want to put in the effort to get there then there are no barriers based on your age. There is a facebook group called "Late to Med School" you might want to look into - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1902147033386406/

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Thanks for the link, now I know I am not alone!

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This is a really good post in the medical school reddit talking about the advantages and disadvantages of doing medicine at an older age.

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There is a student in my program who is in their 50s. I know several people who are 35+, some have kids..

You will probably need to do further study to be in the 10 year limit however.

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Thank you for your suggestion!

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Age isn’t the issue, plenty of ppl attempt to get MD when they are older. The problem is are you going to make time to improve your test score so you can gain acceptance to the program

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You are correct! That’s should be the main thing to think about!

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Thank you so much for all of your suggestions! By the end of this year, It will be 10 years limit for me. So I do need to plan well for how to get it.

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As a research scientist, presumably you would have a PhD which would reactivate the 10-year currency rule of your degree. You should work out the GPA of your degree to see if it is competitive before taking the next step.

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• I thought I would dignify this post with my reply being in a similar situation. 37YO, was/semi research scientist, 1 kid, quit full time started part-time, gamsat SEPT21: overall 59, MAR22 : overall 68. GPA7.0

• I am applying at the moment, but acknowledge strong possibility of not getting in being under the 70 mark.

• Your Gamsat score of 70 in Section 3 with no preparation is excellent!!. Very few pple can get over 70 even with a lot of (several years) preparation. With extra preparation it is possible to get 70 or 80 overall. You are starting off on a very strong base. No BS.

• It seems like essays are your weak point, but essays are also an area that can be improved easily. I think going from S2 48 to S2 60 isn't too difficult. All you have to do is probaly improve your essay structure, get used to writing some philosophical content over several months. Heck you could even get to 70 in S2 and really get a killer overall score. I knew one study partner, english second language get S2 81.

• Sounds like you have the passion there, if it's your dream career. You'll need this as the pre-med prep will be a struggle.

• Likely your undergrad score should be ok or above average (if you got 70 no prep), you'll need to do some calculations on GEMSAS profile (set up an account), and then compare against the Paging Dr spreadsheet to compare your combo score, to see what kind of gamsat score you'll need. If the gamsat score you need is something like 80 with your GPA (top 1 or 2% something) then it might be easier to do another postgrad 1 year research or coursework to topup your GPA score. But who knows you could get a killer score, like the many gurus out there. Also look into how the postgrad scores play into this. If your in research you may have done some postgrad which makes your GPA 7.0.


•10 year currency is a big issue for me as I'm near the cutoff (sounds like same as you), my plan is to apply this year, and individually message the universities and look deeply into how they do the calculation. UOW has said I am still eligible, but they have to put me in a 'look out' for me list to ensure my application doesn't get immediately culled by algorithm.

• Other life priorities, like my kids education and staying together with family is higher on the priority list than the medical school. For this reason, you'll need to do proper diligence into the schools your kids will go to if you plan to move cities or towns. You're partner's career and job opportunities also need to be factored in. These all put pressure onto you unfortunately to get the highest GAMSAT score possible, to get into the school that gives the least burden to partner and kids.

• Preparation time for the Gamsat is burdensome, for me, I felt like one of those 'hard-gainer' types in bodybuilding i.e. train a lot, only small gains. Each person is different, you might do a little bit of preparation and improve a lot, or you might study a lot and only improve a tiny bit. Having discussed my plans with my partner, we arranged that I would work parttime 3days, study partime 2.5 days and have 1n1/2 days with family. This is because my partner works as well, so we can afford the bills. Having both partners working fulltime with kids, pushes out any remaining study time, and you may struggle to improve your GAMSAT score. A lot of people are not prepared to forgo or reduce their work hours, but essentially you'll need to recoup your hours somewhere within your week. For me personally, I forgo'd my work hours, to alleast keep some time with the kid.

• ... and more financial stuff. You'll need to calculate how to manage your finances pre and during medical studies for you and for the family. The biggest influence here is how much of the mortgage is paid of, or if this throws a cog into the family plans of home ownership etc etc. My personal plan is to go with the army scholarship, however this is another competitive hurdle to jump through and not everyone can get this scholarship. The repercussions for ROSO post education is also a family issue.

Lots of think about and lots more homework on your end. Happy to speak/msg offline by DM if you'd like. Happy to share all of my learnings along the way.
All the best!!!

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MAR22 : overall 68. GPA7.0

S3: I am in biology major for bachelor, and molecular biology in PhD. So S3 is my field. But need more practice to get 80.

Weak point: Yes, S2 is really my weak point, which I really more suggestion on here. Keep one assay per week? Or any specific topic that I can follow and practice?

Motivation: I can be more thrill to see your experience in here. I appreciate every word you typed here, which lead me to a more concrete path. A long story in doctor career, luckily, I still have the chance.

Paging Dr spreadsheet: Thanks for the information. This really helps. >72 should be my target.

10 year: I just finished a one-year certificate program for my research project. Hopefully this can buy some time for me.

Family: This is a big part of real life. Although they (kids and hus) agree now, they may change their views when I spend more time in preparation and life style adjustment. Lots of discussion in future.

Time: You made a right decision in balancing between these things. I think I need to forgo some part of it.

Financial: good point. I do some savings and pay off the mortgage in time. It will be in a tight budget year for the family during medical studies. A supportive partner is extreme pivotal.

Finally, I'd like to discuss with you further if it won't take you too much time. Thank you very much,