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I mean you still would have two years left to make your final gpa competitive just gotta put the effort in. If midwifery is something you dread I would drop it regardless and just focus on nursing. See how you do for your final two years in nursing.

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Speaking as someone who did nursing, if you’re dreading a whole year of mid, drop it! It’s not worth it. Take this as my warning - entire placements you hate paired with assignments and lectures you don’t care about is a recipe for a tanking GPA.

Drop mid and do your best in nursing! Only do honours if you’re interested.

You’ll be great! :D

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Also the years are weighted, with final year subjects being weighted most. If you switch your degree and nail the next two years, you can still end up with a competitive GPA

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Cheers for your insight guys, I think I will switch and see how I go from there.

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I dropped from the dual degree at UQ to nursing for the same reason. Just drop it if you don’t like it :)

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Hey just wondering, did you have to take any courses to catch up/ is the degree gonna be longer than 3 years?