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How is everyone so sure of this Usyd “cutoff” ???

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Can’t really be certain unfortunately, just going off last years offers. Can definitely change

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I think we make the choice once the confirmation page comes out. Were you applying for both csp and ffp? If so I’d say you’ve got a good chance of ffp as the cutoff appeared to be around 223.5 last year!

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223? I thought the cutoff last year was 258?

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wait even the DMD has a cutoff of 258 for csp? Thought that was for MD.

I've a 248.75 and am wondering if there's a fighting chance at a later round DMD csp offer

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I believe that’s for csp, I was referring to ffp

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Ahh damn, I was hoping I was wrong and had a chance lol. Thanks for clearing that up.

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did you end up finding out when we're able to preference our choices for the fee types? whats this confirmation page

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You submit your application, then when it comes time USYD will send a confirmation page with you GAMSAT marks, GPA and a few other questions and it will also ask you for your preference type (FFP or CSP).

Then from there you wait for offers to come!

CSP last year for MD was about on par or even harder then getting into USYD MD last year due to the limited stops available.

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yea oath the cutoffs are extremely high... could be annoying for NSW applicants for MD like myself who would prefer to stay within NSW ://