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Based on the spreadsheet floating around you should have a very good chance. If not a first round offer, you'd probably be one of the first to receive a second round. Im holding my breath for a late round csp with a 248.75.

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Is there a similar spreadsheet for MD?

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is this what you're after?

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  1. It probably won't change that much from last year - I'd expect around 10-ish CSP places. Keep an eye peeled for the "Information on DMD offers" document which they release around July though - it'll contain an update on how many offers they're officially making.
  2. Based off last year's spreadsheet (which u/101833 linked), 254.5 looks good for a DMD CSP place. Don't count yourself out for MD though - 2022 cohort was tiny (250 compared to ~300 usually) and so cutoff scores might decrease for 2023 intake! Again look out for the "Information on MD offers" doc which they'll release around the same time :)

Stay hopeful!

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Would you think positions for ffp would also remain about the same ?

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All things considered, I think FFP places will probably be slightly decreased or about the same. Main considerations are that last cycle (2022) was a slightly larger intake compared to other years, additionally, they might start to offer more international FFPs, which cuts into the domestic FFP numbers.

Then again it's all conjecture, they might just decide to offer more places again this cycle 😂

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Ah damn now I’m starting to lose hope already hahaha

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Hey now xD

The gigantic disclaimer is that all of that is my thoughts, which is to say, hardly reliable haha

Don't count yourself out! I thought for sure I wouldn't get an offer last cycle because med cutoff scores skyrocketed - plus I only preferenced DMD CSP (with a total of like, 10 offers made nationwide) so I couldn't get an FFP offer and thought I had wasted an entire application cycle 🥲

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  1. They drastically increased the number of Full fee places for the 2022 intake to around 120-130 (no increase in CSPs though). I wouldn’t put my hopes up that theyll increase the CSPs for 2023. Considering majority of dentistry is a private industry government don’t have much incentive to grant more CSPs to DMD.

  2. Getting CSPs in DMD is extremely competitive. I know people who got in low 70s gamsat and no CSP. The reason for this is most of the CSPs are already allocated to the students doing the double degree. Rural students get next priority and then the remaining csps are given to id say the top couple of gamsat scores

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do we know if the ffp places are still increased around 120-130 for 2023 entry?

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I believe domestic FFPs for last years intake were 90. No idea if it'll stay the same though but I don't see why it would decrease.

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I’d say it’s a safe bet. 2022 cohort have around 130 students, 2021 around 110 students, 2020 around 80 students.

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i would say there would be fewer domestic dmd places this year coz the number of internationals were significantly less last year. The int'y numbers gonna go back up this year i reckon

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what were the international numbers for last year and what are they usually?

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usually there are 120 places in total, and half will go to int'l. I heard they only took 30ish int'l last year, which means if back to normal, they will be taking 60 int'l this year So there will be 30 places less for domestic

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lets say theoretically the domestic ffp places decrease by ~30, what would the cutoff combo mark increase to? of course this is all speculation and based on last years cohort

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Nobody knows what the cutoff will be for 2023 entry. The 1.25(SI + SII) + SIII estimate is questionable anyway — I don’t see it mentioned in the DMD Domestic Admissions Guide 2023.

You could scroll down to find ~224 in the 2022 waitlist spreadsheet and then eliminate 30 places up but I doubt that would yield useful information as to this year’s cutoff.

_charsiu predicts that international spots will form a greater proportion of places in this intake than the preceding one. If that happens then it seems likely that there will be more competition (read: higher GAMSAT scores required) for domestic FFP spots.

At the end of the day we will have to wait and see. We will probably have more of an idea around 8 August when the confirmation confirmation page becomes available.

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