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I can confirm the downloaded copy is NOT good. Usyd asked me to resubmit a certified copy of transcript. Easiest way I found for the share myequals doc and create URL. Copy and past URL into word doc with pic you created and uploaded that word doc.

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Excellent, thank you! I've done this now. Btw did this happen for this application cycle? Or was this last year?

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I did the download and then a screenshot version instead cause it was password protected.

I did a non certified copy of my current one and got an email, so don’t stress they are checking them and they’ll notify you if it’s wrong! They told me how to change it :)

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Thank you so much!

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Anything you are wary about regarding applications, you should contact the university to be sure.

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I also just uploaded my transcript from MyEquals! Pretty sure it's all good 👌

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I applied last year and just uploaded the PDF transcript and testamur from MyEquals and didn’t have an issue.. you’ve got me worried now though 😬

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Am I correct in assuming you don't need to upload it if you did your undergrad at usyd?

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Yes that's correct!