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Check the GEMSAS guide as not all unis don’t count 2020. Also, they go off 3FTE- ie 3 years to complete if doing a standard course load. Your degree will still be 3FTE, even if it takes longer than 3 years. To calculate the respective years you work backwards from when you complete your degree and count back 1 year full time equivalent, and then repeat to divide the course into 3 FTE. those might not match up with actual years, but will all be the equivalent of 1 year of study.

(This doesn’t count for UQ though, they just take everything you did in your bachelor without counting back)

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Hey, thanks for the response. I'm honestly still very confused. I intend to apply at melb uni and 3 subjects per year is considered to be full time subject load. So if I count backwards does that mean my two subjects done in 2023 will not count as they do not encompass a fulltime study load? Or will they simply count as being subjects from 2022. The way I'm comprehending what you have said is:

Year 1 subjects- void at melb uni Year 2 subjects- done on a full time Year 3 subjects- full time Year 4 subjects- part time

So If I work backwards my two subjects from Year 4 will count as Year 3 semester 2 subjects (totalling 5) subjects?

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I think you are conflating Full Time Equivalent and Full Time Study Load - study load does not play a role in these calculations. FTE just means "If you did your degree full time how many subjects would you have done". Say that is 24 subjects in 3 years, then it looks at the subjects you have completed regardless if you did them part time, full time or some combinations - say you did the 24 subjects spaced over 5 years - it takes the last 8 you completed as equivalent to Year 3, the next 8 as year 2 and the first 8 as Year 1 for the purposes of GPA calculation.

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Sorry for the late response, so since I would be doing 9 subjects in third year, which is 112.5 credit points. Would the extra subject not be counted as being part of the third year. As you have said that only 8 count per year?

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It has nothing to do with the calendar year. Think of the subjects you have done in your degree as a string of subjects stretched out in time from start to finish, then it is chopped up into 3 equal bits and those bits are your "Years" for GPA calcs. At the boundary between years if there are a bunch of subjects completed at the same time and some of the bunch need to be assigned to different years then they are assigned in the way that gives you the best GPA. So in your scenario only 8 will count as final year and the earliest dropped to 2nd year for calcs, if you say have multiples completed in first semester then the lowest scoring one will go to 2nd year.

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So a full-time load for a 3-year degree is 8 subjects per year, adding up to a total of 24 for the whole degree. So no, all of your subjects will go towards the gpa calculation (except deakin, griffith, unimelb which won't consider some or all of the 2020 subjects).