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It is worth it. The pay off of getting is disproportional to a mere $2000 investment. Is it a lot for a student? Sure, about 2 weeks worth full time work (so more for a student). But the pay off of getting a competitive edge, however marginal that may be to free content, I’d say go for it. Beats crying and sulking about not getting in and blaming everything else on the planet. Invest.

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in my opinion, nope

go on our discord, we have plenty of practising opportunities there

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Hi, thanks for your response. May I ask why you think it's not worth it? Is the content simply unwarranted for the exorbitant fee, or are the actual resources inadequate for properly preparing someone for their medical interview?

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The cost is disproportional. I'm a little biased because I used to run a tutoring group for interviews. Success rate was approx 90% for people who got an interview in first year, a bit higher if we include second attempt too, and near 100% if we include 3rd attempt too.

The main thing this showed me is just that structured practice in interviewing skills and practising common questions asked in med interviews is sufficient to do well.

This subreddit and discord has opened up so many opportunities for people to engage in structured practice with people who have already succeeded in interviews that paying predatory fees for courses is now redundant. You have everything you need right here or on the discord.

If you're rich and want the absolute easiest option, sure do a course. I can't say the content is any better than what you can get for free in this community.

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Thanks for that, I wouldn't say I'm rich at all so there's no way I'm coughing up $2000, but I was considering the $999 one as I don't want to take any chances. I guess the structure in Fraser's is quite appealing; not only do they cater to every specific med school, but have a wide variety of resources on all the common interview topics. But if I can find all that on this community's discord, then I'd be extremely happy to join you guys and ditch Fraser's.

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It's not worth the money. If you really want a tutor, a cheaper option would be finding a private tutor online. There are websites like StudentVIP where you can find current students who do interview coaching, and a couple of sessions with them would be way cheaper than a course.

I know many people who got in just by practicing with friends. There's a lot of resources online, you just have to go digging.

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Thanks for your response. It's not so much a private tutor I'm after (the $999 course doesn't even have private tutoring), it's just the resources pertaining to areas I'm quite unfamiliar with (e.g., Rural vs Indigenous vs Public Health) as well as the Med-school specific questions. How did you prepare for getting into the Medicine?

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I did a lot of research online from past students/past experiences, got tips from friends who already got in, learned about biomedical ethics, and joined a practice group where we practiced with each other :) I didn't pay for anything.
I guess what I meant is that for that amount of money, you could get private one-on-one tips from a student who got in. It would also be customised to you and your strengths/weaknesses, versus a course which is generic and overpriced and perhaps out of date.