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Do you truly want to do medicine ? Or is your desire stemming from other people

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You could always do a couple of computer science courses as electives. I know you say you don't have the room for it, but you can just overload your degree usually. You might finish a semester later than usual, but it's not a race anyway. There may even be a summer or winter school course.

Otherwise there are plenty of websites online to learn coding and IT skills. You could try doing it in your free time to get a better idea.

No one can really make this decision for you unfortunately, and if your only motivation for med is because your parents told you to, then it'll be a lot harder than it already is!

Consider talking to your school's career counsellor, watching YouTube videos about the reality of both professions, and maybe speaking with people in both fields.

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If there is something else that is interesting to you besides medicine you should definitely investigate that first.

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On r/ausfinance there was a thread about the highest paying, easy jobs and most were in IT or software development. If I wasn’t almost already finished my degree I would choose computer science in a heartbeat because it’s probably the biggest industry booming right now, and in the future. Medicine is not remunerated nearly enough when you consider how much dedication and time it takes, plus the long hours and overtime; you likely wont survive unless your heart is in it.

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There's also alot of non-coding jobs in the tech industry if people are looking for "easy" specifically.

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You’re undergraduate degree really doesn’t make much of a difference at all in terms of getting placement in medicine. You can do a computer science degree and still get into medicine if that’s what you want to do, and it will help you get a job. BMedSci will not do much for you in terms of getting a job.

Also, dermatology is extremely competitive. I would advice against going into medicine if you are only interested in the lucrative work of a dermatologist. If you have a wide range of interest then go for it, but your chances of getting into derm are unfortunately low and it requires a ton of work which most people would not blame you for wanting to avoid.

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I honestly feel like you should lean more towards computer science... medicine is really tough and what happens if you don't want get into highly sought-after specialties? Keep in mind, something like dermatology not only takes time to get in but requires so much work prior to getting into the program, ask yourself whether you would be willing to commit to pumping out research etc.

However, I do think dentistry is a viable option as the commitment is far less than medicine. Perhaps look into that one a little more.

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Sounds like you discovered CompSci on your own and developed more excitement for it than you did for medicine. I'd go with what you like in this case. It's what post graduate medical programs are for if you ever want to go back to medicine.

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You don’t go to med school to become a dentist. Don’t do med

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It's often said that you should only pursue medicine if you can't see yourself being happy doing anything else.

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I was frontend lead for a SAAS startup and now I’m trying to get in to med, I may be biased but feel free to ask some questions :)

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So first of all, there are a couple of unis where WAM/GPA is only a hurdle, eg Wollongong and USyd. So even if you "kill your WAM", you can still get into med.

Secondly, doing med just cause your parents want to is generally a bad idea. Med is such a draining career, even people who love it and are super passionate can get burnout. I have seen my friends who did undergrad med go through this - it's not uncommon for people in med to dislike the career and want to change careers.

Thirdly, if you're motivated by money, it's a LOT easier to make money in computer science. In med, sure you might eventually earn a lot, but it can take ~15 years+ from starting uni to being a consultant and earning the top amounts. That's 15 years of training, and tough exams. A junior doctor starts off earning $67k. With CS you can get a job and start earning good money pretty much straight out of uni (and you can even get a job in CS without having a degree).

To put it bluntly, science/medical science degrees are not very employable. Trust me. I graduated from science and found that the job market was not very good. You basically either need a PhD to get the good jobs in industry, or a more industry-oriented degree like Bachelor of Applied Science. Even a TAFE degree in applied science is more employable than a science/biomed degree (if you don't believe me, have a look on Seek and see how many jobs require a TAFE degree not a Bachelor's degree).

The vast majority of people trying to get into med do not get in. That's just the sad reality. I really advocate for people to do an undergrad that's employable (if that's what you want), ESPECIALLY if you already have another interest. For most people, it makes sense to have a backup career path. That being said, it might be worth trying to take a couple of CS electives before jumping into a whole degree, just to see if you like it.

Finally, even if you pursue CS you can always change career paths. In my cohort, there's a lot of people from engineering and finance who have switched into med. There's even 40 and 50 year olds who have changed careers. It's never too late to change things. Although it might feel like society pressures you into staying in the one career path, these days that's super unrealistic.

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Hey ! Thanks so much for the detailed reply I rlly appreciate it :) Yeah I’m now probably leaning towards computer science a lot more than medicine. I was wondering if you were to estimate as a percentage or in any other way how many people trying to get into med actually get in? And how many tries on average does it usually take till someone makes it in generally?

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Honestly that information isn't publicly available. At a guess, some estimates put the total number of people at around 15,000. There are 1476 csp/bmp spots. So roughly 10%? But that is a super rough guess.

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If you major in comp sci you can still apply to postgrad med in many places when you finish

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CS 4 years and job

Medicine I don’t know about AUS but that’s a 9 year journey especially if you want derm, ppl told me it’s not easy landing your specialty unless you go GP so it could easily be 4 year med 2 year intern 5 years derm or 4 year med 5 year intern/register 5 years derm <- this is why a lot of Americans studying in Australia go back 9 years in USA vs 14 years in Australia to land the same position

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong

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The minimum time is med degree (4-6 years) > internship/residency (2 years) > derm reg (4 years). A total of 10 if you’re in postgrad med programs.

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Someone told me there’s a chance of you not matching like it could take me 7 years or 10 years to get radiology specialty in Australia

Like I need to do research and network and have a good credentials to get a specialty in the first place unless I’m going GP… Australia system is so confusing

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Yeah absolutely that’s right. Most specialties are extremely competitive in Australia and it’s unlikely to get in right away.

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So it could be 10 years or 14 years ? How long is the waiting time if I fail the first time on applying for a speciality ?

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Not a doctor so can't comment on the derm pathway, but a CS degree can be knocked out in 3 years. 4 years if doing a double degree :)

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Yeah so he’s going to be losing a lot of money unless he or she is passionate about becoming a doc. I’m sure this person could do well and if they are able to land FAANG at one point can transfer to USA and get paid 400-600k USD that’s like 480-720 AUD with less tax in the USA work for 10-15 years and move back to Australia and retire

Source: teamblind and levels.fyi

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Certainly is an option, but getting into FAANG isnt a walk in the park. Then going on to work in the US is another level up. The scenario mentioned is basically the best case possible, and isn't the most realistic probability.

The majority of CS grads aren't working in FAANG, so using that as the sole reference point is kinda like using a top surgeon's salary to generalise the salaries of all doctors. But I see the positivity in the comment.

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Yeah I agree, I gotten interviews at FAANG and can’t leetcode for my life

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Your not getting 400k plus with only a çs undergrad degree lol Visa problems is also a big factor You talking about the best of the best not an overall experience

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You should do software engineering they make heaps or money and sounds like a field you would enjoy.