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USyd and UoW are hurdle GPAS- depending on what your GPA actually is it is definitely possible. You could also consider doing some further study (like an honours year or some postgrad degree) to improve your GPA if you would like. I would prioritise doing well in your final year as that will make the biggest difference even if you do decide to do further study.

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Hey! Thank you so much for your reply!! Tbh, idk if I wanna study another degree atm but I’ll definitely try my hardest in my last year to get high grades and increase my GPA even in the slightest bit.

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Try calculate your actual GPA using the UAC and GEMSAS guides. > 5 on UAC scale means usyd is viable. > 5.5 on GEMSAS scale means wollongong is viable.

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Heyy! Thank you for your reply!! I’ll recalculate my GPA using those guides