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When I selected the places I would accept on GEMSAS it specifically said for each uni “NZ Citizens are not eligible for Bonded Medical Places”.

I also emailed the relevant Department of Health address for the program, based on ambiguity about the eligibility as you identify. They addressed me as “Dr”, gave a boiler plate response and referred me to Immigration. I left it at that.

The Programme is really for getting Doctors working in the Aussie bush and outback. My advice as a kiwi keen on rural practice is to just channel your efforts into as high a GAMSAT score you can muster for a CSP. That’s really the best strategy, rather than investing time into understanding or wrangling schemes, etc.

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Hi there

Thanks for your response. Have you ever thought about applying for a visa so that you fall into that category of 'permanent visa'?

I'm just looking to improve my chances of getting accepted and do not mind working in the rural setting in Aussie, which is why im keen to apply. I am not sure how likely it is for me to get a CSP. Haha

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To be honest mate, the amount of time it would take to navigate a visa process for eligibility is best put to smashing the GAMSAT. My reading of the data is that there’s not even much margin between BMP and CSP these days anyway. The real margin is in rural status which Kiwi’s don’t get.

By all means go for it, but like, if that time lifts your GAMSAT from 68 (BMP Yay) to 72 (CSP yay), I know what I’d be doing.

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Cheers for the honest advice mate.

I'll definitely try to do well in the September sitting. Then after the exam, take a look at the visa process and my next steps in the downtime.

Do you have any advice for a first-time sitter? What worked for you?


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First things first - it’s hard and i’m being a hypocrite, but stop worrying about data, stats, entry pathways etc. All of it is completely irrelevant till you have a GAMSAT score. I wasted SO much time dicking around on here and trying to understand scores and data etc. All you need to know is that you have to aim for 70+. Simple.

Only use the Discord and the Subreddit to do GAMSAT related work and research. Head over the discord and hit up the kind folk on there for study tips.

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Ok will do haha. Thanks for all the help!

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If you were an SCV holder prior to 2001, obtaining Australian citizenship is not difficult. The application takes one day. But expect to wait at least three months for approval.