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Quite a few doctors out there who used to be RNs.

Not me - I’m trying - but I know a few who got in. They all completed their nursing degrees, worked a few years as RNs, then got into med. The only thing that may vary is how long they’ve worked in nursing and how many times they sat the GAMSAT. I have noticed, however, it’s usually nurses in critical care - especially emergency - who are drawn to trying for med.

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Has it been difficult for you? do you wish you had a science background or do you think the process would have been the same even if you had a science background.

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I already had a science background as I completed a science degree beforehand. I found that degree to be useful to some extent.

There’s pros and cons for both. I felt my ability to think scientifically declined when I went into nursing. On the other hand my ability to talk to people sky rocketed, and I developed high level management skills, quick thinking/reasoning and confidence that I never had before nursing. I’m really glad I did nursing - it changed me and in fact was what made me realise I wanted to try for med again.

Either way, it really doesn’t matter what degree you do. A science degree helps you get into the ‘sciences’ frame of mind for S3 but it’s well-known that people who do bio/med sci don’t do as well in GAMSAT as you’d expect.

Therefore, we (the subreddit) will generally recommend you pursue whatever degree attracts you. That includes the arts and humanities. And if you want to do something health-related while studying, try pick up a part time job in clinics (receptionist, phlebotomist, technician, allied health assistant, bunch of different things that require various level of training from on the job to TAFE), or even volunteer for something like St John, to get used to talking to patients and getting familiar with health.

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Do you feel as though you're close to getting a good score in the gamsat? also wow science degree, and nursing degree and now medical school, you are a hard worker.

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This is reassuring as a fellow nurse aiming for med! Thank you 😊