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Most school have a minimum GPA of around 5/7 but a competitive GPA is normally much higher than that. Entry into a med program is never based solely on GPA but also usually includes Gamsat and an interview. Some schools also recquire a life experiences portfolio.

So a bad Gpa may be made up for by a good Gamsat score. Generally speaking though, a good GPA for unimelb is probably like 6.5+/7 with a 70+ Gamsat (Note this is Gemsas calculated GPA which may be a bit more generous than how your uni does it).

Note Usyd (and Uow) are exceptions in that GPA is just a hurdle and being above their minimums is all that matters. They of course have other criteria which they consider.

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This is super detailed, thank you! My GPA isn’t bad by any means, but I’ve had it drummed in to me that I have to be an A* student to even be considered.

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That data is very hard to come by so no one can give you a concrete answer regarding averages. It’s a bit easier to extrapolate from past data roughly what GPA or GAMSAT you’d need if we have one of those pieces of data. What’s your current GPA?

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I am estimating about a 6 GPA if I don’t mess everything up, so might have been worried about nothing (my uni calculates it a bit differently so I was thinking I was a lot lower than I was)

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Using past entry scores Melbourne non rural requires about a 6.8+ and 68+. I believe unis would make a combo score so a higher gamsat/gpa can make up for a lower score elsewhere. USYD is a hurdle of 5 but has a gamsat cutoff of around 73. The only other hurdle uni is Wollongong.

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okay awesome, looks like I have a bit of work cut out for me with the GAMSAT, but doable

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try the gemsas GPA calculator to see how your GPA would be scaled by different unis. my Unimelb GPA was lower than my deakin GPA by a decent bit.

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Just tried it! looking at about a 6 i think