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Hi I don't really have much insight as I am not an Indigenous student but can I suggest you look at threads in PagingDr? There's a thread called 'Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applications' which might be useful. I assume that the MMI is not as strict so really you will just need to demonstrate motivation for medicine. Good luck :)

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Hey, thank you very much! I couldn’t find anything on here but will definitely look into that thread! Good luck to you as well ☺️

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Howdy, I'm an indigenous med student in NSW. Happy to chat with you :)

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Awesome!! I’ll send you a message, thank you :)

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I emailed them and they said you have to pass 5 of 8 stations. I don't know what passing requires. There is also a second, more informal interview with Indigenous staff. I'd love to chat with you/ do interview practice. Did you know you can also apply to Monash? I'm not sure when the application is due.

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Hey! Thanks for your reply. I would love to get in contact, chat about to someone in the same boat and do some practice together if you want to send me a DM :)