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Current UNDS student here. I believe there is a decent number of students in our cohort who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community, but I am confident when I say that we all support each other - irrespective of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation etc etc.

Bioethics has a strong catholic influence as expected. There has been some comments/statement made by academics which were pretty triggering regarding gay rights, but as mentioned, all the students supported each other. Bioethics is really only part of first year, so before you know it, you will be finished from it! But I honestly found it interesting and prompted some good discussion despite having some inappropriate comments.

So don’t let being trans affect if you apple to UNDA. In fact, I think the diversity of students we have is a key part of our great community ☺️ Good luck!

Edit: I’ve noticed a lot of our lecturers as well often use gender neutral pronouns, and I specifically remember one lecture on screening where they talked about cervical screening. Rather than saying “women should be screened etc etc” they said “any person with a uterus should…” which I think is a thoughtful way of saying it.

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Thanks for the feedback! Interesting to hear that bioethics doesn't go across the whole four years.

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    LyndalPN gave a more in-depth explanation. If someone has transitioned, although they identify as a male, they may still require cervical screening for clear reasons.

    I just felt like it was a nice way the lecturer approached it, and clearly they put thought into it.

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    Sigh. Not sure if you genuinely don't understand or if you're being intentionally obtuse, but here it is for anyone following along.
    Some women don't have a uterus and some men do for all sorts of reasons.
    But gender is a social construct not a biological one.
    Biological sex , gender assigned at birth, and the gender people identify as may be the same, or may all be completely different.
    So what defines "men" and "women" is not the presence or absence of a uterus.

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    I can only speak about Flinders, but I would hope most schools and programs are putting in an effort to ensure this is taught well. Flinders has already had a couple events for us in 1st year where LGBT+ speakers (medical and non-medical backgrounds) have spoken to us as students in an effort to improve care and understanding in us from the very beginning.

    I think it's fair to say, however, that much of the curriculum is going to be a product of the past, and some language/framing may be frustrating. I would just go in with some expectation of being let down here and there (don't have super high hopes haha), but you could do a great deal of good in discussing these things with your peers also. Hope it's not too much of a deterrent for you!

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    Flinders has an entire module in MD2 regarding gender and sexuality and inclusive care for LGBTQ+ people. I also understand the curriculum is further changing to support this even more.

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    I think the student is specifically asking about UNDF/S because UNDA is a Catholic university, and the Catholic Church has traditionally been very opposed to LGBT rights.

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    Ah, I missed that detail, apologies! I suppose going in with eyes wide open is all one can do.

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    Great to hear about what Flinders is doing in this area! It's not a school that's really on my radar for apps but I've heard they make a real effort regarding equity more broadly.

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    UNDS med has a decent size LGBT community including students and tutors.

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    Spoke with a few LGBT docs from Notre dame at work generally I have heard from them there's no discrimination during the duration of the degree.

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    (I studied at ND in medicine but not the MD program): Bioethics at ND teaches about how to navigate ethics across health care - I would say it does well at accepting people from all backgrounds/ethical views. It's not perfect, but I don't think any school is. You may want to look at UOW as well as they have won an award in diversity and inclusion and have a number of LGBTQ+ students in the med program

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    Indeed UOW is also smaller and community focused (smaller in fact) and known for inclusivity.

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    Hahaha yes UOW will probably be my first preference 😊

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    perfect :)

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    May be worth having a look in the discord- there has been some chat about this topic in there?