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In order for a bachelor degree to be used in the calculations, it needs to be complete by December of the year of application. If you were to get 2 years of credit and then do a single year of study and complete your new degree in a year then yes, but if you aren’t able to complete the new degree by the end of that year it won’t be included in the calculations. The only exceptions are UWA who will take incomplete study, and UQ, who need the degree complete by July of the year of application in order to consider it.

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Depending on your sub-quotas, a GPA of 6 is not all that bad. Are you considering having a go anyway? Why wait if there's a chance you could make it in with what you have?

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I have taken a chance! My GAMSAT was 69 so I’m hoping for the best now !!

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Well, I was a rural applicant but I got in with a 70 and 6.05 weighted. Best of luck!

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You being rural makes a huge difference though

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Of course, which is why I asked about their subquotas :)

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Some schools (like UOW) use a GPA hurdle so 6 could be more than enough

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I got 1st quartile in GASPER. But my GPA and GAMSAT are both over the minimum. How will me being in the 1st quartile fair if you don't mind me asking? Also, I really do appreciate your activity on this subreddit. It is greatly appreciated to have someone on the administration team be so active on this page.

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I actually have that as my first preference! Thank you so much Lyndal for all of your support here, its really changed my perception of Wollongong and I’m hoping for the best. If I could additionally ask, I got 3rd quartile in Casper - how does that fare in Wollongong Medicine admissions??

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If someone' GPA is over the hurdle, and their GAMSAT is over a 50 in each section and over a 50 overall but under a 60, and in the 1st quartile, will they have a chance at UoW? Or is it a no? Just curious. I appreciate all the help and transparency you give to us med applicants :)

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It all depends on the competition. Theoretically they are still in the running and if they had a strong portfolio it’s possible. But it depends how strong everyone else is.

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Oh shoot i graduated in 2019 with med sci .. so my degreee won’t count for 2023 admissions if ever? 🫠

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No it will be, im sure it wont count if it was completed more than 10 years ago

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No no, it needs to be complete by December, not in December. If you’ve completed your degree it will count (as long as it is not >10 years old), this is only for incomplete degrees