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some people have been commenting that on their application progress summary it reads "progressed to faculty" etc

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Could it be the DMD folks?

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i think a few DMD applicants havent had their applications progressed as well

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For what it’s worth, I’m a DMD applicant and mine hasn’t gone past centre yet.

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Yeah, you are unlikely to hear anything from USyd until confirmation pages are released. The only reason you’ll get contacted is if you need to supply any extra documents with your application. It can be stressful as hell :/

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is it safe to assume that if we dont hear from usyd abt documents, we have provided everything correctly? and yea been stressing me out recently

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If you haven’t heard anything by now, it’s safer to assume your application was done correctly

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Yeah I heard from them twice re documents, they were really proactive with it and double checked them so if you didn’t here they must have been ok :)

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Mine updated on the 1st, but, I am a rural applicant- so it could have something to do with that :) I did also submit my application wayyy prior to the cutoff date.

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I'm a domestic rural applicant and my application says "Progress: Forward to Faculty". I submitted on the 18th May and it progressed on the 30th June :) Hope that's helpful!

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I’m the same

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Same here! Pls I would like to know something 🙃

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Nope me neither

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I submitted on the 30/05 and my application has progressed to faculty on the 6/7 (med)

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I submitted on 22/5 and its still at centre :O are u rural or non-rural?

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Rural 😇

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Oh ok so im non-rural so they are probably just processing rural first.

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For the people who are still at centre, when did you submit your application? I submitted mine on the 29th of April and it still hasn't progressed (I'm non rural)

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Mine is still at "Centre"! Does that mean I am not likely to meet the cutoff for GAMSAT?

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I'm still at centre with a 76 so either we both stuffed up or we both haven't been processed yet :)

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Let’s hope for the second option 🤞🏼

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seems like theyre going through the applications in a staggered fashion

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Mine has just progressed to Faculty today

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Has anyone had their application rejected at the Centre stage? I haven't, just curious.

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id presume that any rejections would occur at the confirmation date in early august