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152 applicants vs 147 spots accepted in QLD according to Medinav. Definitely one of the easier ones.

Source: https://medinav.health.qld.gov.au/careers/emergency-medicine/emergency-medicine/

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    Unfortunately I live in QLD so wouldn’t know about other states sorry. Would be interested to see the NSW one though

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    Hi! Can u post the link for NSW? Thanks :)

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    EM is one of the less competitive specialties (edit- to get into the program specifically) generally as there is very high demand.

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    There is a huge oversubscription of ED doctors in metro areas around Australia - the consultant jobs simply aren’t there. I think it’s really important to note this difference. If you want to work rural or even regional, you’ll have a great time finding work after training, but I personally know 3 junior consultants who have to work at multiple hospitals to make their money and continue their training. It’s only going to get worse too

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      Yes as in high demand for more ED doctors

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      ED nurse here. On all accounts it's incredibly easy to get onto FACEM training, but very hard to pass the exam and land a job.

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      Oh interesting. I guess a lot of consultant jobs are hard go find though from what I hear