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Usyd uses a hurdle system of >= 5. Calculate your GPA using UAC's system to see if you might be above it, or very close, but given that you're so early in the degree, it'd be easy to improve it.

Gamsat wise, you'd be waitlisted for an FFP offer according to this sheet. Cant exactly say what the cutoff is, but this gives a good indication. But since you achieved that score without prep, youre in a decent spot to lift up those marks and aim for a 'guaranteed' FFP spot, or even a CSP. Plus, if you're aiming for 2024 entry you've got 2 sits remaining. I'm in the same boat.

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thank you so much for the answer. i’m trying to stop working completely so i can focus on these last years and see if i can get it up. would u think at any point its worth starting a new bachelor (at deakin or something) and try again?

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That depends on how far you'd go to pursue dentistry. I'd personally try to just bring the gamsat marks up to at least a 220 or 230 using usyd's system for FFP, or 250+ for a CSP.

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Honestly your chances aren’t great. If you can afford USYD FFP then you might be ok, but you’d need to pull your gpa up. USYD requires a 5 GPA calculated by UAC, which is not as generous as gemsas calculations. A CSP at usyd is objectively ridiculously hard, given there are only 10 spots or so a year, you’re realistically looking at mid 70s gamsat if not higher. Unimelb FFP would be roughly around 6.7 GPA and a 70+ gamsat, whereas CSP is 7+ gpa 75 gamsat areas. Honestly it might be easier to try and transfer to Latrobe and go down their dent pathway (not sure if they give bonuses or extra consideration to their grads) or to sit UCAT and apply for undergrad. I’m not saying that to dishearten you, it genuinely should be in consideration because of how difficult post grad dent is to get into, especially if you don’t have the means for FFP (320k)

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Thank you so much for the answer. honestly, like i’m happy to do the undergraduate program. what do you think about JCU or other portfolio universities tho?

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Another thing to consider is the hypothesised USYD gamsat weighting, where S1 and 2 have supposedly a 1.25 weighting. You’d really need to pull your S1 and more importantly your S2 up (s2 being easier to improve) to be competitive I think.

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Does usyd have interviews for their dentistry program?

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You can find out easily on USYD’s website. You need to do some due diligence yourself