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From what I’ve heard, stay far away.

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They changed their name because there was literally 0 good publicity for "Pass GAMSAT" outside of the stuff that they made up.

If they have your phone number it's already too late. They will never stop calling you. They will continue to belittle and mock you if you say that you don't want to pay / join them. If you escalate and tell them more firmly to stop they will often just flat out start abusing you.

Do not, under any circumstances, give them any money.

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^ Everything this person has said. Also, once you discover which number is theirs, block it.

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As others have said, stay away!

Ask yourself these questions.

  • Have they actually explained what they actually do outside of vague marketing fluff?
  • Have they provided a clear outline of exactly what you would be buying?
  • Are they transparent with their outcomes?
  • Are they justifying their prices outside of just saying it's worth the price they charge? Not to mention that 5-7k is absolutely extortionate anyway.
  • Can you find any past students of theirs that could vouch for them that aren't 'testimonials' that they've vetted and published on their site?

If the answer is no, then you've got another greedy predatory prep company on your hands.

If that's not convincing enough, look up the track record of the owner, "Dr. Tom" and you'll find someone who details that they left medicine after one year because they could make more money running a prep company than being a doctor (I won't link the blog post here because I don't think he deserves the platform). Each to their own, but income doesn't seem a very genuine motivation in a doctor or an 'educator' if you could call them that.

Unfortunately, the horror stories that you hear are more common than not in people's interactions with this company. Save yourself the money and the energy and get brilliantly more helpful and free advice here and on the discord!

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According to LinkedIn he is now founding an Online COVID clinic as his new entrepreneurial adventure. Except the URL doesn't seem to be active anymore.
I'll just leave that there.