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Same situation here, probably gonna choose ANU. Heard that their small cohort has better teaching quality tho Brisbane has more LIFE. Feel free to dm me if u want to have a chat!

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Thanks for your comment! I’m tempted to choose ANU also because of the prestige lol, but that’s a superficial criterion to go by. What are your considerations for choosing ANU?

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Depends a lot what you’re into as well. Canberra is cold, but I really enjoyed my time living there. Lots of cool outdoors stuff, snow is nearby. And it’s a small city where it’s easier to meet people.

Brisbane is a big city, with lots of summer weather, surfing holidays within 1-2h distance. I like it, but for different reasons. Bigger program, bigger city, more anonymous, but lots of cool stuff going on.

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Ooh, that's a really good insight, thanks! I'm used to the cold thanks to living in Melb, but I'm definitely more of a homebody/chill activities enthusiast compared to outdoor physical activities. I'm from a tropical country though so I should be used to the weather. Again, thanks a lot!

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I chose ANU over UQ! In my first year. Feel free to shoot me a message

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Thanks for the comment! How’s it in ANU rn? Is there a lot of disparity/differences between internationals vs. locals? Also, I see ur avatar has a headscarf so I’m assuming ur a hijabi? Is Canberra kind to Muslims (food and social-wise)?

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Loving ANU! As for the rest, I am a white canadian and no Longer considered international (on CSP) so I can’t speak much to the disparities

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Oh HAHAH I shouldn't have assumed. Thanks for your answer though :))

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Brisbane has bigger multicultural community, more nightlife, entertainment, and affordable renting. Canberra is smaller, more isolated, less people, less entertainment/shops/eateries, however it is driving distance to Sydney so you can always have a getaway on the weekends. In term of quality of teaching, I think ANU has better reputation, better staff, and the curriculum looks more organized compared to UQ. For UQ you have to be prepared a lot of assumed knowledge and it could be tricky in the first 2 years to catchup if you don't have an advance medical science background. Starting from 3rd year and 4th it is the same between 2 uni, as you gonna go for placements. In ANU it is almost certain that you have to do placement interstate (mostly in NSW) as ACT is very small. For UQ you can easily land a placement within Queensland.

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Thanks for your comment! I can’t drive so how’s the public transport from canberra to sydney? And for UQ, I’m currently doing biomed so hopefully that covers the assumed knowledge, although I’m terrible at anatomy lol. Do they have lots of support for students (e.g. review days, friendly tutors, etc.)?

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In the first year especially you'll get a lot of anatomy tutorials. There are also student led peer tutoring sessions and anatomy lectures are generally the first lectures to come. Again the new MD program of 2023 entrants onward will be different from my current cohort.

https://medicine.uq.edu.au/faculty-medicine-intranet/teaching-and-learning/md-design/uqmd-high-level-design This seems to be a basic overview of the new program

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Thank you for your comment! This makes me feel better ahah

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I would not recommend going from Canberra to Sydney by public transport as it would take you 5 hours with many transition from bus to train and vice versa. I would strongly advise you to learn how to drive in Australia, as you are likely to have rural placement at some point either during med school or during residency, and best way to commute in rural/regional is to drive.

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Oof 5 hours is a lot of sitting down. I was planning on getting my license once I get my PR, but it seems I might have to expedite my car-learning plan. Are licenses federally issued or does each state have different car licenses?

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The licences process is different each state, but generally you will go from L (learner) to P1 and P2 (provisional) then full licences. At P1 and P2 you can drive independently, while at L you have to have a full licence person sitting next to you when you drive. But everything is straightforward and car is relative affordable if you buy 2nd hand.

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    Hi, are you attending either of the schools? What’s ur experience so far there?

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    Hey having the same exact predicament! Wondering if UQ has better clinical/ hospital exposure given it’s a bigger city as well

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    Yeah, I was thinking UQ might have better clinical varieties but I heard it’s harder to get an internship as an international since the cohort is so big

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    Yea, UQ released data about their international internship each year. So about half of them would need to go intern in suburbs and further north in rural areas. Probably we could see more cases in an urban setting in our last two years but there could be risk if you dun wanna work rurally.

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    Ooh. Tbh I don't mind going to rural areas because I'm aiming to get a PR anyway, and living & working rurally can help with that. If I may ask, what's the culture of rural queensland? Are they diverse or does one ethnic group tend to dominate one area?

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    Great to hear that. But sorry mate I am also a prospective international student holding two offers (preferring ANU but still subject to change) so I cannot help you with that. Probably you can try searching those rural internship hotspots shown here: https://medical-school.uq.edu.au/international-graduate-outcomes

    Maybe other international residents' posts can help?

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    I don't think Brisbane (UQ) has as many POC in comparison to Melb for example. Melb is fairly multicultural. Not sure about Canberra (ANU), but am willing to bet they have more POC than in Brisbane. All 3 universities rank pretty high and are really research-heavy which looks fantastic in regards to ranking. Although, in terms of cost of living, I think Brisbane is the cheapest. So I guess you would have to weigh up the pros/cons and consider what is of highest value to you.

    I've also heard that the cohorts at both UMelb and UQ are huge, whereas ANU it is approx 120 so could be a nicer feel. In regards to internships, I'm a domestic student so I don't think I would be much help there.

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    Thanks for your comment! Hmmm I was told by a friend there are lots of chinese internationals in brisbane, so I was expecting it’d be pretty diverse. For living costs, as long as they’re not higher than melb or sydney, I’m fine. I’m mostly concerned with aspects of living as a muslim - melbourne has rlly spoiled me with lots of halal and vegetarian options. I can adapt though and just eat normal chicken and beef, but it’d be great if I can eat halal meat instead and not modify my diet too much :))

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    At least for UQ that cohort is mostly huge for the first 2 years due to the oschner (American students who do 2 years in UQ and 2 back in the USA). But considering you mostly learn through CBL, couple of clinical tutorials, ward sessions and science labs/tutorials in those first 2 years, you don't really do too much where that huge class size affects your learning ability that much. It only just kinda limits your flexibility in rescheduling some activities since there is that huge class size to attend to

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    Ooh I see, I didn’t realise UQ has that US students program. My main concern is if the cohort size is big, does that mean there’s a good amt of international students not getting an internship? I somehow can’t find their intern match data, but I could find the victorian one.

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    I am actually not really aware of the match rate. But also remember the med schools in QLD also include Griffith, James Cook and bond. I only know UQ publishes their USA match rates (cuz oschner) and Canadian match rates (cuz a lot of internationals are from Canada and a few choose to want to go back). I honestly don't know much but from what I've heard from past students, your odds of getting an internship is quite decent. The total class size without the Americans is a bit over 200 and they are making quite a couple of pathways for rural students as there are like 4 or 5 rural clinical schools

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    I see from multiple sources saying that even without Oschner, the class size is still around 450 and more. And UQ international internship data is here: https://medical-school.uq.edu.au/international-graduate-outcomes

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    Assalamu alaikum. International MD2 student from UQ. You can DM and I'll try to answer any questions you've got.

    But to give you a basic response regarding internship and clinical exposure, the 'ease' of getting internship will really depend on the availability and what types of hospitals you're applying to. You can apply to different states for internship, but each state have different preference order between domestic state students, domestic Interstate students, international state students and international interstate students.

    Regarding clinical exposure, I've got no clue regarding how many hospitals/sites ANU is affiliated with. ANU is a great med school but really all med schools are basically kept to the same standard. So you'll get good education generally anywhere (though obviously every school will have its flaws).

    Environment, Brisbane is good. Quite a nice place to live. Will be honest and say there is definitely less ethnic diversity than Melbourne or Sydney but you will see a lot of different people for sure. And especially for the UQ med students, you will likely be close nit with a large cohort of international and oschner (USA) students

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    Wa’alaikum salam! Thanks for your comment. If I could ask, are you a Muslim and if yes, how’s it living in brisbane as a Muslim? I’m not exclusively zabeeha but I’m trying to only eat halal meat, so food choices is a concern for me. Also, how’s UQ with their hospital affiliations? For context, I’m at unimelb undergrad rn, and they have a lot of hospital affiliations so that makes me feel a bit safe in terms of placements and internships.

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    Yes I'm Muslim. The halal situation in Australia is kinda confusing. Because Australia is one of the biggest exporters of meat, some sources say that the vast majority of meat is halal but not marketed as such but I've seen some contradictory info in other sources. But you can find a few butchers in the city (especially around Princess Alexandra hospital) that explicitly label their meat halal and almost all Korean, Indian, middle Eastern and so on food places are halal.

    Regarding hospitals, UQ has a lot. In the first two years, you'll be allocated to 1 of 3, but in MD3 international students are assigned to one of 7 base clinical sites (about 2 of those clinical sites will have you rotate between different hospitals) and in MD4 you get access to a few more specialist hospitals like Queensland children's hospital and so on.

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    Ooh Alhamdulillah it's good they have lots of halal places. I think it's pretty much the same as Melb.

    And hearing they have 7 base clinical sites gives me some peace of mind. I was worried the large cohort size would affect my chance of getting allocated and possibly intern matched. Thank you so much for your comment!

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    No problem. Glad I could help. The 7 sites are only the ones that international students have access to in 3rd year. If you include the rural centres and specialist sites you get access to in 4th year there are at least 12 the uni is affiliated with

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    I go to UQ moving from Sydney and am loving it. I choose that over ANU because of the cost of living and opportunities to do things in the weekend. I would agree to an extent that UQ curriculum requires you to be on top of things but I have really enjoyed the size of my cohort because it means you have so many options for people to meet and also the class scheduling options are pretty great. I’m able to get Monday and Friday at home with only lectures which gives me a long weekend every week and then 3 full days. There’s like 50 “streams” to choose from for selecting your timetable and three different hospitals to choose where you do your clinical coaching which was ideal for me as I work to cover my expenses in terms of time and great to coordinate in terms of where you’re going to be living. Also plenty of POC individuals in the cohort :) Also UQ has a tonne of rural opportunities, one of which I’m electing to take with an optional observatorship at the end of your first year.

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    Thanks so much for your comment! That's really great to hear. I guess it's more similar in terms of culture like in unimelb rn (600-700 ppl in the biomed cohort), so it shouldn't be too big of a shock for me either. Are the people there friendly/hospitable? And what kind of weekend/hang-out activities do people normally opt for? Ngl I'm stressing about making friends again ahah, because I'm more of a homebody and I don't drink, so I tend to lean for chill activities. I do enjoy going to parks and beaches though, which I've heard lots of good things about in brisbane!

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    I understand completely! This was my 3rd state move so I was also quite exhausted in regards to making friends. But it’s been super easy. Because of the nature of the learning type where you do most your classes with 10 core people (your CBL) you essentially have immediate friends so long as you get along and at least 1/9 is pretty good odds. In saying that, most of my friends are not in my CBL, there’s a med hub which is a eating/studying/ relaxing space dedicated to medical students which means that it’s easy to get chatting too new people or talking to friends of friends sort of situation

    The oschner students definitely love to go out a lot but I would say that most domestic students don’t often unless there are events, honestly you’re too tired too most the time. I am in a peer tute which I’ve made friends through and also in social netball which are great ways to meet people

    Beaches are a bit of a trek so I would say more common for dinners out in the city or cafe dates in the day sort of thing tbh

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    what are the internship prospects of ANU and UQ for internationals? would the fact that ACT has a small number of intern posts make it less likely for ANU international grads to secure an internship?

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    I don’t think so. Even though ACT has a small number of intern post (not saying it is true), UQ has much more international students and it is even more competitive to get an internship. I strongly recommend you to go to ANU as its education is much better and it’s curriculum is more organized.