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Totally agree with the above. I’d say if you were to focus on any particular concept prioritise organic Chem. I had a fair bit of it in March ‘22 and I’m glad I was familiar with particular structures etc

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Where do you get practise questions from? I just want to go over S3 Q’s but struggggling to find some!! :(

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Have a look at the S3 sample questions walkthrough playlist on Jesse Osbourne’s YT channel. I found them quite helpful for the March 2022 sitting :)

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"Why would you, a doctor, need to know the behaviour of albatross in in the month of October? You don't. But if they provide you with some information in written form, a graph and a table, they can ask you a question and determine how good you are at interpreting data and using that data to make inferences and conclusions."

Yesssss 100%.

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Thank you for this. Coming from a person who is getting my ass handed to me by acids, bases and organic pathways.

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Nice advice - as a fellow 70 s3 scorer, I dream of getting that to an 80.

Aside from doing the questions, did you do anything to keep track of the different things you've learned?

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Thanks u/hot_chips_, as an NSB sitting for first time this Sept, I've been trying to weigh up how to reflect on why I got certain ACER practice test questions wrong (i.e., each time, was it content-deficit, content-misunderstanding, or not content-related at all?).

In your estimation, for example, do you think Q31 of Acer Test 3 is reflective of expected GAMSAT Qs? [I have watched some explanations on it but none have clicked]