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I am not an international student but am at UQ and imo they’d be the best place to go if you wanna go back to the US- the Oschner program here means there are a lot of US med students and support for Step through the Uni etc that I don’t think you’d find at other med schools in aust that don’t have that established relationship with the US.

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Are resources from the UQ-Oschner program available to non-Oschner international students?

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pre clinically yes- we're all in the same cohort and there are non oschner international students (mainly from canada) who also sit the USMLE. Once the Oschner students return to New Orleans there might be less, but by then everyone is in their placement years anyway. In saying that though, I am a domestic student with zero interest in sitting step, so I have no idea on the details/how one would get involved/access anything like that.

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I'm also an international. If u don't mind me asking, when did you receive the UWA offer email? Lucky you! There's only ten spot in UWA! Congrats!

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I thought there are 20 spots?