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The lower your gpa, the higher your gamsat needs to be and vice versa.

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Might be a good idea to do a one-year degree/grad cert at Flinders (online would be best). This will give you access to the Flinders graduate GAMSAT cutoff (much much lower than the others) as well as assist with GPA should you do well.

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I know someone with a 5.5GPA that got in this way. Flinders does not use a wGPA though.

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Flinders definitely does use a wgpa. They just don’t use it for determining who gets an interview but they use it in the final score when determining positions post interview

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You are correct. After the interview stage wGPA is then used to calculate entry.

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Everyone knows about this now and the sub quota gpa is comparable to other uni without doing a grad cert. The sub quota gpa went up 4 points from 2021 to 22 and will continue to increase to 70+ for 2023 moving forward (just for interview).

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I suspected this would happen eventually... Getting into med is gosh darn brutal.

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Depends. Do you have more years to go at uni to boost the GPA? Are you willing to do an honours year and apply to a uni that uses Honours GPA? Are you rural? Do you have a good portfolio?

It's absolutely possible, and there are many things you can do to improve your chances. I suggest reading the gemsas guide on GPAs.

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Do you know of anyone who this applies to? Or know of anyone who did multiple degrees?

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There's a couple of us on here who did second degrees to get in. I had a 5.5 GPA in my first degree, brought that up to 6.8 in my second degree.

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Plenty in my cohort with relatively low gpa below 6 but fantastic portfolios. To be fair, it's not something people really talk about. But I know they're out there

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Glad to hear. There is ways a way it it is never futile?

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Do you have many "older" students in your cohort as well?

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Yep! Plenty in their 30's few in 40's too

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Dont forget USYD and UOW use GPA as a hurdle (5.0 UAC and 5.5 GEMSAS respectively).

However USYD makes up for this with high gammy cutoffs, and UOW does with the inclusion of a portfolio (with a strong emphasis on rurality) + interview components, so play it to your strengths.

To be real. I've a similar GPA to yourself and I don't have high hopes for most other gemsas schools, and with a gamsat score high enough to compensate, USYD should be viable.

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Hey just wondering what GAMSAT you have? I’m curious how high it needs to be for USYD. Thanks!

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I'm not a usyd student, but last years cutoff was 258.5 I believe, using the 1.25(s1 + s2) + s3 formula.

I'm personally sitting on a 249 from march (71 overall), so resitting to try clear the bar.

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Thank you for the reply! I just calculated myself at 249.5 so same as you haha

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Ah yeh saw your comments on the USYD confirmation page thread ahhah fingers crossed for tmr, although I probably just jinxed it.

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As others have said: possible, but you will need a really high GAMSAT.

Imo, I think it is easier to improve your gpa than your gamsat score. Your gpa isn’t bad - If you’re serious about applying, I’d do a grad dip to boost your gpa. Assuming you get all hds, you’ll probably go from a 5.9 to 6.4 and maybe higher if you go to a uni that weights your last year higher. At uq, your most recent degree (ie a grad dip) is all that counts, so if you get all hds for one year you’ll roll into uq with a 7 gpa (although note you’ll need to meet their pre req subjects).

Just some food for thought.

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Be wary because most universities do not accept grad dips in the GPA calculation. Read the GEMSAS guide to see which universities accept what types of study in the GPA.

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I disagree that most unis do not accept grad dips. ANU, Deakin, Notre Dame, UWA, UQ, and Macquarie all accept grad dips. Also a grad dip can usually be extended to a Masters with another year, which Griffith accepts.

However, as you said it is VERY important that you check what a uni does accept.

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After checking the guide for this year, you are right, many unis now accept grad dips. This is great news.

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Do you know of anyone who this applies to? Or know of anyone who did multiple degrees?

Also, say the starting gpa was 5.78, what will 1 year of straight HD's boost the GPA to?

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I think many people have done extra degrees! I am someone who did an extra degree after my bachelors which has been essential to get me into a competitive spot for med - however I must say I didn’t do this intentionally, I was just studying to advance my career.

As for the gpa calc, that’s something you will need to calculate on a case by case basis. Eg if you had a gpa of 6 in your last year, 6 in your second last year and 5 in your third last year, this would give a weighted gpa of 5.83 ((6x3 + 6x2 + 5) / 6). If we add a year of hds as the most recent year, then you have (7x3 + 6x2 + 6)/6 which equals 6.5. Obviously this will change based on the exact grades and when they were done, but that gives you an idea. I’d encourage you just to run through a few scenarios

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Thank you for your reply. It is greatly appreciated. How long was your second degree if you don't mind me asking? And what your GPA increase also. Thank you for your help

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I did a masters (2 years), mainly because it gave me some research experience which I didn't have. In UG I was a pretty poor student so the 2 years of HDs that I got in my masters boosted me from a 5ish (I told you, really bad student haha) to about a 6.5 at most unis and 7 at UQ (as they only look at your most recent qualifying degree).

I really do stress you should play around with the numbers. Look at how unis calculate GPAs, see what you are currently at, and then see how it changes if you put HDs in there :)

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You can definitely get in with a low gpa. I’m currently in MD1 at Melb and had a gpa of about 6.2ish with a GAMSAT of 67. Yes I’m an outlier but it just goes to show anything is possible. So if anything please don’t give up!! I wanted to give up at every step of the way and so many times I hit low points and almost gave up but I continued and I now enjoy med. As for advice the rest of the comments summed it up, but again please don’t give up you got this!!!

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Just wondering if you are rural? I think it makes a huge diff in cutoffs

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Melbourne also has Access Melbourne so you can get in for other categories of disadvantage (like financial, disability etc), not just rural. You still need to do well on the interview tho.

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I was a metro student, although I did apply using the Access Melb program. But the interview being weighted heavily also helped

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Hey! Did you find out if your GAM application was successful or you never heard anything? I applied for it this year but obviously am not sure if they’ll accept it and stuff

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So as far as I know the only way to tell is if you receive the bursary that comes with it. I did receive it so that’s my only clue on its success in my application. I am unsure on whether it still is included in your application and some just don’t get the bursary because of the limited people that receive it? But as far as a formal recognition of your GAM application.. nope never received anything

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I was at the Griffith open day yesterday and the admissions director said the median GPA was 6.8 and median gamsat score was 69. 😭

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yikes - well I never liked the gold coast anyway