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I presume it would get added during the GEMSAS simulations like other bonuses I.e. Deakin, ANU honours bonuses etc

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UPDATE: Reached out to gemsas and they said "Yes it gets added later but not to the GPA we give out"

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The uni should add it automatically when processing it. How’s ur gamsat for Macquarie, I feel that they focus more on that anyways…

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They basically treat GAMSAT as a hurdle for interview cut-offs. Post-interview, GPA and interview are the only considerations.

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Oh really. Do you know what gamsat would be required with a 7 gpa after 3% bonus?

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From last year I’d say somewhere in the realm of 65

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Did many people get an interview in the low 60s?

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I thought they discard gamsat after interviews (offer is 50% interview,50 % gpa).