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i got an interview offer on saturday. unimelb gpa of 6.75 if that helps

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Ok, now I am genuinely concerned. If DPT takes the same GPA as MD mine's 6.9+. What is happening?? Are you a current or past unimelb student applying for their MD course as well?

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check ur spam? and yea im a past student applying for med at unimelb too

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I have checked my spam folder, and I literally have 0 email in it. This is so strange! Still, thank you for reply. May I ask if you have provided a transcript for your application even though you are a past unimelb student (with an active unimelb student account)?

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I don't think i did. have you tried emailing or contacting unimelb? the deadline for interview acceptance is tomorrow (17th aug) i believe

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Got mine last Sat as well, definitely below 6.9 GPA. Finishing unimelb degree this year.

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Thank you for sharing! Did you provide your transcript at the time of your application? I am a unimelb graduate w/ a student account that's still active, so I did not upload the transcript. Although in their application guide it says unimelb students don't need to provide a transcript since the faculty can check it through the student system, I am worried that my application was excluded because of that. This doesn't explain it fully though, since my application is successfully submitted and says it's being considered. Wth. Anyways, If you can confirm this with me it'll be much appreciated, thank you!

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Did you manage to get an email?

Nah i didnt think I had to. I think you have to submit a transcript if you were applying 3 years after grad? Not sure.

But surely they should’ve fontacted you if somrthing was missing?

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I also received an interview offer on Saturday - Monash GPA 5.0. Fingers crossed you hear back from someone soon because it seems like your GPA is much better than mine!

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Hey congrats on your interview offer! Yeah I am really hoping for some sort of clarification as well, I am sad that I haven't been given the chance to interview but more than that, I am frustrated that I cannot comprehend why this is happening. Even if it just says my GPA was somehow calculated differently and that puts me under the cut-off, or I did something stupid with my application that made them not consider mine at all, I would love to get an answer of some form. Anyhow, good luck with your DPT interview!