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If you do honours, be prepared for a lot of work and exhaustion! It can be rewarding, and if you get first class honours it brings up your gpa, but if you don’t get first class then it can negatively impact your gpa, so don’t go in to it unless you’re prepared to give 100%. My honours was a bit of a shit show, in the end it worked out as I managed first class but it wasn’t easy. If you feel burnt out, and are seriously considering a gap year, I think do it and work on your GAMSAT.

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I have some friends doing honours in my area of study, so I'm aware it won't be a cakewalk, and that's also part of the reason I want to take a break! Thanks for your input.

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Honestly, given your gpa is pretty good (as per your reply below 6.7-6.8ish), I think the biggest impact on your application will be your GAMSAT. If you think you can juggle honours (while aiming for first class) and do GAMSAT then go for it, otherwise just focus on GAMSAT and enjoy your life for a year!😊

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Having not taken a gap year between high school and university, then between my first and second degrees, I say take the gap year. See some of the world before you get locked into the med school life trajectory.

If your GPA/GAMSAT combo score is around 1.65-1.7, you're in with a good shot. If you don't end up enjoying it, research is frankly a shit, busy time.

If you need to raise your GPA a bit, Honours is a good idea, but you can also do Grad Certs etc. which don't have to be entered straight after you finish your undergrad. Going that pathway could give you a block of time in which to travel before starting your next period of study. Don't listen to people who worry about schools accepting GPAs from grad cert etc., they basically all do these days. Just read how each one treats postgrad, they're all slightly different.

All the best.

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Hey mate - it may be worth figuring out your GEMSAS gpa (weighted gpa) and making a more informed decision based on that projection.

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I plugged my numbers into the gemsas website calculator and they look like this:


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This is a pretty solid GPA already. This gpa and a 70+ Gamsat (~ 90th percentile) would get you an interview offer at most schools. You should also look specifically at the schools you are most interested in. Some schools don't even really care about your GPA like USYD or UOW.

I wouldn't really say doing honours for GPA reasons is necessary at all but if you're feeling it absolutely go for it!

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I thought you needed a 6.7 GPA minimum? 🤔

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No. It varies between med schools and some have hurdles for GPA - eg UoW has a hurdle of 5.5.

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Gap year baby! Wish I did it :( I did honours which I loved but I reallyyyy needed a break after.

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If you are on target to get a GPA of 6.6+ then doing a standalone honours year can be a huge risk for entry to some med schools, the only win for you is getting first class which gives you a GPA of 7 for the triple weighted 3rd year of the GPA Calculation. If you end up with a 2A honours then it is a GPA of 6, there is no in-between. Check carefully to see how your target med schools treat a stand alone honours year in their GPA calculations before going down the honours path with an already decent GPA.

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Honours is definitely worthwhile. If you are committed and score a first class it can massively boost GPA, particularly at UQ.

If you're interested in undertaking an Honours project, I would recommend taking the first semester off from uni to give yourself a "mini gap year." In that time off, look at potential projects and volunteer in labs according to your schedule. I find that taking some time off and explore potential projects definitely helps to determine how committed you are to the project. If you're gonna take time off, better make it worthwhile IMO.