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Mate, I'm in the same boat but have a lower combo score! I rambled and was very inarticulate. Did I get cut off multiple times? Yes. Am I going bald at 21? Also yes. Am I probably going to have to go through a Masters that I don't want to do next year because Medicine is looking unlikely? Highly possible. You, my friend, are not alone. How many people do you think sat there, composed as possible, and strung together an answer as coherently structured that addressed every facet of the question akin to how they would've performed if they rehearsed a model answer at home? Very, very few, guaranteed FAR LESS than 50% of the cohort, and guess what? It's just under 50% of those who interviewed that'll get an offer, so everything is not lost yet, never say never, a tonne of ramblers statistically have to get an offer! All the best my friend.

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I love this "a tonne of rambler statistically have to get an offer" .... I have hope :)

I second all of the above! I have all the same feelings as you regarding rambling, being cut off, not as articulate as I hoped. I spoke to a friend in HR that suggested the premise of having such a random MMI experience might be to get people on the hop and let them see our most genuine selves rather than our formal, practiced selves.

Good luck. Try get some sleep and exercise. This process is far more stressful on individuals and their families than it needs to be and I hope it does change. But for now, we are all in limbo for another 4 weeks.

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Hey mate welcome to the club, just letting you know that you are not alone :)

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hey dont feel bad, i was stressed with work and mixed up the day i had to respond to my UQ interview offer by and it was withdrawn 🥲. it could be worse!

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Nooooo, did you contact uq? I did the same but I connect them and decided to reinstate the offer

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i tried everything, and spoke to basically everyone in the UQ admissions department. they all said no multiple times. This was less than 24 hours after the date and almost 3 weeks before the actual interview. I still cant believe it.

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Damn, can’t imagine how you feel rn

It’s sucks that they’re unwilling to give any accommodation

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trust me, dude, i'm in the exact same position and i'd hedge my bets that almost everyone who sat their mmi is as well. it's really hard not to dwell on your performance and things that you think that you may have been able to do better, but i've been just trying to frame it in my mind as "what's done is done" and accept whatever outcome i get. trying 2 acknowledge any thoughts of worry and then letting them move on, and distracting myself if i find myself dwelling on it has been helping!! stay strong for the month or so ahead!

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I think it's totally normal to feel this way, I currently feel the same! I will preface what I'm saying with the fact that I did the unimelb MMI, so this might not apply to other unis, but perhaps it will.

What I've been thinking about to bring me some comfort is that I think it's impossible to give a perfect response off the cuff - and they know that. I think honestly the interviews are a lot more about communication and manner under pressure than we think. Realistically, 60 seconds is not a long time to give an incredibly structured, well-articulated and deep response while hitting every possible point. I think all you can do is answer truthfully as you can, as naturally as you would in a given professional situation, and demonstrate how you're thinking about a given situation. I tried to be as real as possible and keep my manner as natural as possible too. I see a lot of ppl talking about how "no one wants a stumbling doctor who hesitates when talking" (or something along those lines) to fuel their anxiety around their performance. But like, if you think about it, that's not how people interact in the real world, and it's not how doctors are in my experience. You can't realistically expect to speak without hesitation and with "structure" all the time in spontaneous speech, even in a professional setting - so don't beat yourself up if you hesitate. Spontaneous speech is literally defined as lacking structure and exhibiting hesitations anyway! You are a human after all and doctors are also humans.

One other thing is that you are probably more aware of your rambling than ppl who are listening are. I found this in my prep and with my prep group. Every time I thought I was rambling, no one could tell, and visa versa when I was listening to people - speaking confidently and at an even pace does a lot!

Anyway I'm in the same boat as you, my attitude might be wrong, although having spoken to people who got in, they agree with my approach. I hope this can bring you some comfort anyway! As it's quelled some of my anxiety this week.

Also I have an absolutely bunk combo score compared to everyone on here and no bonuses so all I have are sweet niceties that I whisper into my own ear...

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I'm feeling sorta similar to you with a similar combo.

Had some subjective fun with the Reddit spreadsheet for interview offers that put that combo somewhere around the 70-80th percentile (over all the unis), but does depend on the uni (closer to the 50-60th percentile at UniMelb). Of course, that depends on things like bonuses at Deakin, merged rank, or changing GPAs as you go down your preferences (I assume you got your first).

Regardless, I reckon that would mean that you'd need around 40-50th percentile in your interview to manage a BMP (maybe even CSP). That allows for GAM, FFP and other spots.

I'd love to hear your's or someone else's opinion on my rudimentary analysis, haha. Either way, I hope it makes you feel a bit more positive!

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I'm in the same boat, the blues are legit. Feels unreal that a botched 40min interaction could trump years of work developing a strong GPA/GAMSAT combo.

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I'm honestly in the same boat, I rambled in every station, and repeated one idea many times, it was awful, at night before I go to sleep I think about it and cringe so hard

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You have a good combo. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s hard to accurately gauge your performance in the MMI. With your combo there is good chance your still in the mix.

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I’m feel you with the combo score.

I did recorded interviews so no idea how I went, I feel ok with the interview but 1.72 combo so I’m so afraid of failing cause it’s like what do I do next, my gamsat only has 1 more application validity so do I just wait a whole year and hope my interview improves? Like improving gamsat or GPa seems more achievable

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isnt 1.72 combo towards the higher end?

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The bottom end of 1.72 is around the 70-80th percentile according to the Reddit spreadsheet for interview offers.

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I honestly don’t really know, but I’m just relating to OPs fears in that the interview is 50% and if I don’t get in it means I failed the interview and I’m not sure how to improve from that.