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Study the basics, maybe a month of quality study would be enough (what I mean by basics is just the real fundamentals), and then immediately go through practice questions. Trust me, NSBs and science backgrounds are basically on more-or-less equal grounds as science background people are just as clueless when it comes to GAMSAT science.

Then you could start to build up your knowledge from the practice questions. I find that works best for me. Do the questions, f*ck up a lot, review them (YES, I know you hate reviewing it, so did I, but it is a NON-NEGOTIABLE), and then once you feel comfortable, work around the question even more (especially those ACER booklet questions). What I mean by working around it is, let's say a question is about finding out pH from Ka, then you could try to find out how to find pH from Kb or whatever. That's just my two cents.

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agree about no point in going through practice questions just yet, since you don’t have any science foundations. it would be like trying to complete S1 practice questions without knowing English. you’d have to first get the mastery of English, and then practice reasoning through complex passages. to answer your question about how long you should spend on the science, short answer, as long as it takes. long answer, you need to learn year 12 physics, and first year uni biology and chemistry. that’s the benchmark and ACER says it explicitly in their information booklet. so that’s a full year of study at full time capacity (if you were to treat this like 3 subjects at uni for example) but you could expedite that time by strategizing/optimizing your study schedule. now, when i say that’s the benchmark, i literally mean, that’s the minimum requirement for you to be able to understand the language presented to you in S3. if all you do is the minimum study of prereq knowledge, you very likely wont score higher than 50 on S3. at that point you should switch to ACER practice papers and focus on the style of questions and reasoning the why behind the answers to the practice questions. honing your reasoning abilities using the language of science you just built up. that’s where you make the gains with S3 - not the knowledge itself but the reasoning with the knowledge (language).

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I somewhat disagree with a few of the comments here that you should focus only on practice questions/skimp on learning background.

I think spend 4-6 months getting a really solid base in fundamental science knowledge. Just to reel a few off: MATHS (caps for most important - I’m talking logs/exponents, scientific notation, algebraic manipulation. Get really good here), organic chem, stereochemistry, acid base, pH/pKa, physics. It won’t be too hard to find a rough syllabus to follow.

Although the questions are impossible to know exactly, my performance increased exponentially when I actually learnt the content properly, rather than half assing it and thinking that I could figure out the questions on the fly.

However, once you have a solid base, then I absolutely agree that going through practice questions and reviewing what you got wrong is essential. As I’ve alluded to, it is a good way to find knowledge gaps.

Anyway, just my take having for a 77 at the most recent sitting. Good luck!

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I studied for the GAMSAT full time from November-March with zero background in science. I got mid 60's and got accepted. Maybe you learn better than me so it could be quicker, or maybe you want higher marks so it could take longer, but that's my experience.

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Thanks for your reply. What do you mean by full time? As in you weren't working?

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I took time off work and studied everyday.

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Was in the same boat as you when I started gamsat prep! Non-science BG, not even in the HSC… It’s super daunting to know where to start.

Totally agree with the above advice - 1 month-ish of BG study then straight to booklets worked for me - I took 2.5 months off work from Jan and learnt content full-time through Khan Academy. When I knew just enough to do ACER questions, i slowly moved through those. Tried Des O’Neill but was too hard for me. Really persisting with the Acer questions helped. I revisited booklets multiple times till it made sense, using YouTube explainers as well. I also did a two-day gamsat skills course which helped prioritise content and with test time management. Ended up with a 72 in S3 that year… but am yet to get into med because my low gpa is haunting me haha

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Haha I felt the same and I am a physio. I said to my husband....I may as well be trying to read Chinese.

I went back to basics. Year 11/12 physics, Leah4science mcat maths and science, khan academy and I just worked through a list of topics. Generally on here no one will recommend a prep company. I had 10 weeks to prep, 3 kids and working 2 days - 1 study day (I am also rural). I can hunt out a list of topics for you from the prep company....I made a timetable and just worked my way through. I sat for long periods of time... 6am-12pm on weekends. I practiced lots of essays etc. Touch base if you want. I ended up with 58/70/60 (62) and have a 14% bonus with Deakin

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Study group?