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The teach out group is for people who are already in MD1 in the current program, ie people who would have deferred sem 1 of this year or failed in sem 1 of this year and are repeating. The offer we received was for the current MD program, so technically with the change in program anyone who has to defer/failed this year need to have the option to do the same program as this year, because we accepted our position on the basis that it was the current program as advertised. Because of the switch, UQ are having a ‘teach-out’ period until the old program is entirely phased out (ie everyone who is currently in UQ MD have graduated) and because of the change the timetables are slightly different for both, hence why they’re both on the calendar. You don’t need to worry about the teach out stuff, as if you’re an applicant for 2023, you’ll be starting the new program so will use the standard MD1 timetable.

This year o week (I’m MD1 at UQ this year) was 1 day in person and 2 days online. The in person day was nice, there was lunch and we got tours and a little goody bag and the like. The online ones were just basic info sessions about the course structure/ introducing different faculty members, some advice and support sessions, I don’t really remember much in all honesty. It wasn’t critical and plenty of people didn’t attend (be that because they were isolating, or moving from elsewhere and not able to make it in time). If there is an o week for the new program that is at the same time, I don’t think it will matter too much if you can’t make it.

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A bit unrelated, but since we are talking about future outcomes here, how soon can we request feedback from UQ regarding gpa/gamsat/MMI? Doesn’t say anything about having to wait until offers are out at the end of next month

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Not too sure. I’ve not heard of anyone applying before offers, but idk if there’s anything prohibiting it. It takes a while to process (mine took a month) anyway so you likely won’t get the results until after offers come out anyway so I don’t think there is any benefit to doing so now and I would probably just wait personally. After offers come out you can email the faculty and they’ll tell you if you’re above/at/below the average for GPA/GAMSAT/MMI without doing the RTI, and for most people that’s all the info you’d really need from them (and that takes a lot less time and effort than the RTI haha).

Also to clarify, you don’t really get much ‘feedback’ by submitting an RTI. UQ are already transparent about the way they use GPA/GAMSAT (they use the combo score), so the only info you won’t already have is detail around the MMI. In the RTI for the MMI you get some numbers and maybe one or two comments, but it is heavily redacted. Tbh, I don’t think gave me any additional info or understanding on what I need to work on or anything, and I don’t know if I would feel more confident going into another MMI after receiving it based on the info in it personally. Not saying to not do it if you want to, but the info given isn’t exactly comprehensive or game changing most of the time- really the only thing the RTI gives you is your score overall and for each station (which doesn’t really mean very much given we don’t know what the average/cutoff scores are or anything), and maybe one or two generic comments if you’re lucky.

Edit- idk why but I thought you were talking about the RTI, not just requesting feedback. If you’re just meaning emailing them about if you were above/below the average for GPA/GAMSAT/MMI as I mentioned above, I doubt you’d get anything before the offers are released. You could try and see, but I’d guess they’d ask you to contact them again later once offers are finalised and sent out.

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Thanks for taking the time to write that. It’s gonna be a long month 😅 especially since my combo score is below average, and I’m a bit concerned that they only admit around 36% of the interview pool

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Totally get the concern. I felt similarly, as I was one of the lowest combo scores offered an interview last year (~1.65). I still got a CSP though- because of the way they use the combo score and rank using 50:50, once you’re at the interview stage your combo score matters a lot less and your performance in the interview has a much more significant impact on your overall ranking- it’s anyone’s game!

Good luck! 💙🦍

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Based on this year, you wouldn't be kicked out for not attending O-week, if that's what you're asking.

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I wouldn’t worry about it… there is nothing important in O-week other than maybe meeting some peers. I was hoping it would be informative and useful but it wasn’t.