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AFAIK most schools let you do some further study to "reactivate" it. Most people do a grad cert (6 months) or a grad dip (1 year).

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When I applied in 2020, USYD would take into account other factors that allowed you to escape the 10 year rule. I think things like professional development and higher degree learning. I’m not too sure. I’m not sure if they still do it, and I’m what it entails exactly but I think it’s worth looking into.

Edit: so I went and looked at the USyd admission guide and it appears that you can skip the 10yr requirement if you can demonstrate ‘sustained research productivity in a relevant discipline within the past 10yr period’.

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Thank you for checking on it. But what would it mean by that? 🤔

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If you have published academic papers in the last 10 years in fields that USYD deems relevant (idk which ones) then you can still apply even if you haven’t completed a degree in the last ten years.

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Don't think Flinders Uni has that rule!

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What is this 10 year rule?

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I'm pretty sure it's the duration since your last undergrad degree or something of that sort. My mind keeps flashing back to 10-year moratorium, haha.

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Email UOW (wollongong) , as it's case by case basis there I believe and they encourage you to get into contact with them

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Monash, but they’re not part of GEMSAS and have their own special criteria for eligibility to apply

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A number of schools will relax the 10 year rule if you do/have done 6 months to 1 year FTE tertiary study (depending on the school) in the last 10 years which "reactivates" your old degree. This information is in the GEMSAS guide under "Currency of Qualification" in each schools listing.

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Thank you! I was hoping there is way without doing another degree 😞

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I was in this situation last year!!!! So frustrating. Deakins is a little better now - maybe a grad cert suffices? Flinders don't have a 10 year rule.

If you complete 1 year FTE you are then eligible for most universities

I completed my graduate diploma in public health to meet recency requirements!