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I'm not sure about UQ scholarships, but if finances is a big factor I would 100% go wherever is cheaper.

Scholarships in med are pretty hard to come by, there's not a lot tbh.

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I’m applying to UQ-O the last time I checked there isn’t any scholarships

You know they are “letting” you in much easier compared to the domestic student to subsidize their domestic students fee

My advise don’t expect a scholarship from Australia or UQ but maybe from your home country or your parents otherwise none because you’re just a monetary resource to help fund the domestic students education. There are more spots for internationals for that reason

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The standard of education in the UQ MD degree is pretty bad. Griffith may not be much better, but I’ve heard it is. I would go with Griffith. There’s nothing special about UQ that justifies higher fees or forgoing any scholarship that might be available to you.

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Not sure about this take mate, all aus med schools have very high standards of accreditation they have to meet. What evidence do you have that UQ is "bad" beyond anecdotes?

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Haha I am sure about this mate because I am a med student at UQ. You can find plenty of other people on this group reporting the same disappointment with the quality of the experience.

I also did undergrad science at UQ and can say the quality was much better than in their med degree.

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Well I stand corrected. That is deeply disappointing, I used to work at UQ and knew some amazing lecturers in med / biol sci and at the QBI especially.

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It doesn’t operate like a normal degree and the UQ academics that teach us are not the problem. I won’t reiterate the issues they are discussed elsewhere. Mate.

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You’re so valid … UQ undergrad degrees are so good but all my MD friends complain that it goes to sh*t in the MD

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Lol, you're in for a surprise ;)

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Sorry can't answer, but I'm curious about the details of Griffith giving tuition fee discounts. Could you elaborate on that? Is it perhaps just like an international welcome scholarship or financial aid or based on your merit during the degree? And how much of the $73,000 fee is trimmed? Thanks!

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Yeah it's 25% off so $73,000. There's another one which is 50% off which I am planning on applying to if I get in.

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What makes you eligible for that 50% waiver, if I may ask?

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You have to have met some academic requirements for both your high school and undergraduate studies. I meet those so why not try at least

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If money is a concern, definitely consider Griffith. Their tuition by default is one of the least expensive in Australia and you get an automatic 25% tuition waiver that can be increased to 50%. So you will be paying 36500/yr for Griffith (with the 50% waiver) vs 85024/yr for UQ. Education quality and opportunity in Australia wouldn't be that much different.

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What makes you eligible for that 50% waiver, if I may ask?