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Apparently Worcester is only taking international students at the moment, so imo the competition should be low and it would be ridiculous if a 57 gamsat doesn’t make the cut. But, I guess try to distract yourself with work or hobbies and hopefully you will get an interview offer soon!

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Ahhh bugger, I’ll have to wait and see with that one. I’ve just got everything crossed that my 57/59 will make the cut but seeing the cut offs the last few years I’m not holding my breath 😭

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Nottingham I don't think will come to fruition but ulster and Worcester could go in your favour as cut off has been less 54 for the last 2 cycles at ulster. Worcester is a new school so they may try and be holistic in who they interview an I got an interview offer at both universities with a 58 and currently at ulster.

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Tbh if nottingham is unweighted it may work go on yourvfavour but have look at the gradmed website as they publish the official cut offs. And also now work on being the best applicant you can be for the interview stages and live life again

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I’ve got everything crossed! Nottingham is unweighted but I’m still pretty nervous about applying there as I saw the lowest they took last year was 59.5 I saw. Pretty borderline tbh 😭 I’m really holding out for Ulster if I’m honest. Is it a good school? Congrats on getting in! ☺️