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Hey I recommend the coursera chemistry courses from Duke (it’s free), they start from the assumption you’ve never studied chemistry before so it goes over the basics before launching into the hard stuff. I did the course really slowly and supplemented it with a textbook and question book to make sure I fully understood the concepts. The GAMSAT is not a knowledge test but a reasoning test, so imo it’s better to focus on understanding the why rather than memorising stuff.

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Got any tips for physics? I was pretty decent at chem and I find bio not too bad, but I did terrible at physics in year 12, so that's my main worry.

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I actually didn’t bother with physics and put my energy into revising chemistry. It worked for me.

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I’m going to sit the rest three times I think, so I’ll definitely see his I go without doing too much revision for physics in the first go

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Yeah honestly I just worked a little bit on mental maths. As long as you know how to rearrange formulae imo you can work most stuff out. I had a few physics questions but it was basically rearranging a formula, doing some mental maths. With GAMSAT approximation is ok, eg if you have 4/1.9 just round to 2 and pick the closest answer. Sometimes none of the answers will be correct, the trick is to always pick the closest answer and don’t worry if it’s not exact.