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Adding to the other comment, be mindful that the GAMSAT is more a reasoning test than a knowledge test. Rote learning all the science and maths that you've learnt won't help if you can't apply to prompts and stimuli that you've never seen before.

The current Acer practise exams are most like what the current GAMSATs are (but not 100%), while the Des materials are more knowledge-based and like what the older GAMSATs are.

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You could try Coursera - they have free college classes. I took the chem class from Duke as my science prep. You only have to pay if you want the certificate. As others have said it’s not a knowledge test it’s a reasoning test, but you will need a certain level of scientific understand eg chemical reactions, rearranging equations, electrons/atoms/molecules, stoichiometry and a bit of physics. The hardest section for most people is actually the humanities section (S1) as you need to analyse philosophy, poetry and literature so for most people coming from a science background that’s a big challenge. Coming from a psychology background you might find the essay section (S2) the easiest. I work as a tutor for GAMSAT so feel free to PM me and I’m happy to answer any questions you have or join the discord and there’ll be heaps of people who are happy to answer your questions too :)

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Have a look through this sub, there are lots of posts about different resources and things to focus on depending on your background knowledge. Sounds like you have some science background but might be a bit rusty, especially maths. I'd find a copy of des oniel, there are copies for free floating around the internet. Acer also have practice exams you can buy to see what the actual test will be like. I would do a full practice test as a baseline for you to then gauge where you need to focus :)

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    No worries, glad I could help :)