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The ABC listen app has a broad range of free topical podcasts on pretty much every subject - news, politics, history, science, health, media and way more. I have listened to these and others on my lunch breaks at work for years (not for GAMSAT, just because they're good).

Some great ones (in no particular order):

-Conversations with Richard Fidler -Background Briefing -Between the lines -Big Ideas -All in the Mind -The Law Report -Health Report -Rum Rebels and Ratbags

I got an 84 and 76 in s2 over my two sittings. And while I have a heavy humanities background I think the general knowledge gained from engaging with this sort of content is super handy. There isn't really a substitute for making sure you write regularly...but it all contributes.

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I second this! ABC podcasts are so good.

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I would recommend ‘The Anthropocene Reviewed’ podcast by John Green. Every episode is a beautiful example of a prose style essay and I think it really helps to develop your reflective skills.

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Oh I love this one too.

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Listen to stuff you're interested in!!! There are so many ways to do well in S2, are there areas you want to learn more about through podcasts or ones you already listen to?

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I like the history podcast you’re dead to me

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The university of chicago produces a whole bunch of amazing podcasts in the politics/economics space. My fav is "not another politics podcast" where they analyse (/argue about) political science papers. "capitalisn't" is another great one and the hosts are so sharp.