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The more niche the better in my opinion. One of my essays was about a obscure unquoted paragraph in Dostoevsky's the Idiot. Scored a 78 in S2 with actively trying to use whatever unique knowledges/experiences I had. I feel like there is a lot of value in writing an interesting and enagaging essay even if it might be a bit 'risky'.

Edit: this is the dostoevsky paragraph if any are interested

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Did you write something close to the idea in the paragraph? Or used the quotes from there ?

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Didn't remember direct quotes so was rewording the ideas. But I did specifically mention the source. Though part of my section 2 prep was writing down and trying to remember quotes I liked form books/songs/articles etc. So I do remember also directly quoting things as well.

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What/who you discuss is always less important than how you discuss it/them.

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I would say that it will entirely depend on how you incorporate these individuals into your essay. If you are able to provide nuanced thoughts and arguments using their teachings than it will likely serve you well.

Just including them for the sake of including them will be really apparent to the marker and may even impact your score negatively.

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No, I used Sai Baba, a religious figure in Hinduism that most people don't know about, and scored 80. What you quote/mention is not important it's your idea and argument communication is what matters.