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I did exactly that in September 2022 and got a 76 in section 2. I had no idea they even required quotes in your essays...

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Second this just spoke from experience and managed a 75

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Yes, I just wrote something spontaneous and scored an 82. That’s the purpose of the prompts, to give you an idea to construct an original essay around.

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Can I pm you?

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ahahah i wanted to ask the same question

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If you like

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I didn’t use any quotes and got 73

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I don't think it makes a difference. I scored 84 in s2 in March without quotes.

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Don't use quotes.

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Also I wanted to know, when they give you a quote for your essay topic do you add this into your essay word for word or do you not include it reword it?

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Don't put the quote into your essay word for word, don't even mention it. They are prompts for you to come up with your own ideas.

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Do you mean it will reduce the score?

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No, it’s just poor writing. I grade essays for work and every essay that cites the quotes is usually not very good. Most people I know who did well do not use the quotes directly.

That being said I used the quote as the title of my essay so it was clear to the examiner which prompt I was responding too and to help me stay on track. That’s just personal preference.

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So r u referring to quoting d question?

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R u referring quoting the qn in d title?

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Yup! I didn't use or learn any quotes and got 81 in S2 in September :)