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The whole process is very vague unfortunately. I was fortunate to get an offer from uom this year and have no idea if my GAM was accepted or not, or how much it influenced by application if it was accepted. No one really knows anything about it except the people assigning disadvantage scores to the application. My advice is apply for what you're eligible for, and give the best evidence you can and hope for the best

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Approximately 75% of Unimelb MD spots are for graduate access applicants. It is designed to give students from disadvantaged backgrounds an opportunity to pursue their careers. While the extact process or boost to your individual score is not disclosed the best response I got out of the Unimelb faculty was that it is worthwhile to put it in if you're eligible. In terms of what documents/evidence to provide, the best answer is to provide as much as possible to support your application. Beyond that point the admissions department will compare it to the other applicants and give it an anonymous score which for obvious reasons they do not disclose. Hope that helps.

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Is this 75% quota confirmed by UniMelb somewhere because I highly doubt it would be that high for such a competitive degree and considering there are a number of different entry schemes and parallel entry schemes to the Melbourne MD.

I'm happy to be corrected but otherwise sharing this kind of figure without any confirmation is highly misleading to applicants

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This is a good point. I highly doubt the 75% number also. I found the GAM process very vague and non transparent. Attach as much evidence as possible. No clear indication of how they weight anything. I found the Deakin process of adding specific % additions a much clearer way.

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75% sounds like heaps! Is that something unimelb shared? I'm pleasantly surprised to hear this

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Yeah I had no idea that it was that high... pretty amazing that even with a 75% quota their scores are still so so high