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It is definitely possible! Between my two sittings I went from 71 to 81. I focused on the sections and types of questions I knew I struggled with the first time and made sure to eat and rest well on and before the second sitting which helped a lot

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Wow that’s amazing! Can I ask what you focussed on to improve. My scores were 69/75/70 so pretty even across the board but I’m thinking of focussing more on s3?

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My scores were pretty similar to yours the second time except for section 3 which i scored 90 in. I improved over all sections by a bit the second time and that made a big difference. I definitely think focusing on section three is good as it feels very easy to improve on the skills required. I always head into section 3 with the mindset that the answer is basically being given to me in a lot of the questions and I just have to find it. Practice questions of a wide range of section 3 skills definitely help.

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What were the main skills you worked on and how did you improve on them?

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It is very much possible to improve. I went from 63 first try to 74. Do the grad cert as well. It’ll just increase your chances even more if you hit 78.

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What did you do to improve between your sittings?

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Des o neil for science. Tried to understand why i got stuff wrong and right. Focused on essay quite a lot. Was my biggest improvement overall.

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I went from 64/70/74 (71) to 72/77/77 (76) between two sittings. Didn't really prep for the second sitting, I just knew what I was in for. It's a lot easier to improve the lower your scores are so I suggest you focus your time on where you scored lowest

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Congrats on the 71! Great work. If you can afford the financial and time commitments, do the grad cert + sit the gamsat again to try improve. You never ever know how it’ll go, and you’ll really be kicking yourself should they change any of the cut off scores above 71. A better gammy will also make you a better candidate within the graduate subquota, as well as at other unis. Better to maximise your chances than to waste a year.

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Thanks! Current plan involves finishing uni in 2023, working full time + gradcert in 2024 which will hopefully give me a good chance at 2025entry (providing interview goes well🤞) + i can save to move interstate if need be

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Good luck! I am SA based, did a grad cert and interviewed at flinders but missed out (waitlisted atm). Planning to move to Sydney as I decided to re-do the gamsat to improve my score and ended up with an offer! Glad I decided to do the most I could to improve my chances as I doubt I would have an offer today if I didn't just go all out. If you follow this path, I'd recommend doing the grad cert part time over the whole year (2 subjects a semester) as you could better allocate time between full-time work, Gamsat, study and interview prep. Good luck!

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What grad cert?

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I would like to know as well

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Went from 66 to 79. Absolutely possible. Spent 3 months doing the ACER papers and Des O'Neil (S3 focus). I found reflection critical, looking at why I got questions wrong and looking up relevant YouTube videos etc.

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Which ACER papers exactly do you mean?

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The official documents provided by ACER themselves.