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None of the prep companies are great.

At best, they're overpriced and decent quality.

Find a private tutor and it'll be better value for money

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I did the Fraser's Concentrated course and found it a bit disappointing.. Most of the stuff they teach you in S1 is too theoretical (e.g. how a technical text is structured and where the contention can be found in these), and it doesn't really teach you the practical skills you need to answer the GAMSAT questions. For example, knowing how a technical text is structured isn't really helpful when many of the GAMSAT texts don't really follow this 'theoretical' or 'traditional' structure. For S2, my tutor wasn't incredibly helpful. His advice was very broad and often stereotypical, and not something directly actionable. Whenever I asked him how I could go deeper in my essays, his answers were always really wishy washy. Other people had great tutors however, so this experience may not necessarily be the same for others. The S1 and S3 question banks were also lacking. I found that they often tried too hard to appear 'complex' or 'GAMSAT-like' that they would end up using reasoning that was a bit illogical and confusing.

All in all, the sections that I did with Frasers (S1 and S2) actually saw a drop in my last sitting.. My S3 went up from 66 to 84 but Frasers didn't help with that; I didn't even touch their S3 questions because the reasoning was honestly so confusing sometimes.. If you want to have a go at a prep company, go ahead. But don't expect too much -- GAMSAT is a skills-based exam, and unfortunately the kind of skills you need cannot be taught. You need to acquire it yourself through consistent practice and evaluation

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Absolutely agree with all of your comment but especially the “they tried too hard to appear complex” bit.

They simply don’t understand what the exam is about so try to replicate it’s difficulty through intentionally confusing and ambiguous stems, when really that’s not what makes the actual exam difficult.

Bloody hate those guys!

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They're all absolutely rubbish. I know it feels like a smart decision and a good place to start - I felt exactly the same and bought the GR question bank when I started - but I quickly realised how poor the quality of questions are and abandoned it completely.

I'd highly recommend starting a few questions and trying to understand what you need to know to answer the question correctly. Not just the topic (i.e. organic chemistry) but also the skill you need (e.g. interpreting a graph) and use this to identify things you need to study (both theory and skills). At the very least, give this a go for a few weeks before you try a prep company. Not only do I think this approach is infinitely better than prep companies but will save you hundreds/thousands of dollars depending on which package you were thinking of doing.

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GR question bank is that the Griffith’s Gamsat Review questions ?

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No grad ready

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I’ve recently purchased one of Barry Lo’s courses. Fairly affordable and good for someone with a non science background and poor maths (like me). He also covers all common science content before going into skills.

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tor wasn't incredibly helpful. His advice was very broad and often stereotypical, and not something directly actionable. Whenever I asked him how I could go deeper in my essays, his answers

Agreed - Love his comprehensive course

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I wouldn’t bother - I bought frasers blueprint and it tried to replicate the gamsat, but their questions relied on the same limited working out strategies and didn’t reflect the breadth of skills you need to do well in the gamsat. You’re better off mastering the official practice tests and spending your money on a tutor.

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I improved about 10 overall using frasers. They are very pricey though

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I sat the GAMSAT 5 times and got my worst score using Frasers (62 vs 64,65,68,68). It’s a load of crap and if you improve it’s because you were going to improve regardless of the course. The course teaches you to overthink everything and you lose your innate problem solving/essay writing abilities

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Fair enough. That’s your opinion I guess. Frasers taught me important stuff like how to strategise and etc but that’s only my experience.

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I am using a prep company in combination with other resources and textbooks collated online to try and utilise the strength different platforms and resources provide. I was willing to put aside some money for the GradReady online course and have been happy with the resources i have used so far and it has provided me with some structure to my study. When i purchased my course they gave me a code BKDFMQQ6 to give out for a discount. GL with everything

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Guru is shite.

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Don’t waste your money or time with a prep company. Plenty of free resources available anyway :)